Review: Moreish Skincare

One of my favourite things about being a beauty blogger is having an excuse to try out new products, even when there was nothing wrong with the ones I was already using. In the case of Moreish skincare, all it took was a small sale at Priceline and some super cute packaging. I mean really, look at it, that was always going to look amaze in my bathroom!


Moreish is a New Zealand brand making skincare from pure superfoods such as argan oil, avocado and kiwi fruit. The whole idea behind their brand? “It’s called Moreish because your skin can’t get enough of it.” They are all things I like in a skincare brand, so I bought up. I gave my skincare routine an overhaul with their cream cleanser, day cream, eye cream and argan oil. Keep reading to see what I thought…


Euphoria | Cream Cleanser 200mL

Of all the products I purchased this was the biggest let down for me. The reason? Well it claims to remove makeup…it doesn’t. It took me several washes and even then it wasn’t all gone, even when I added bi-carb as my exfoliant. If that’s not really your thing anyway, this was actually a really lovely cleanser. Light-weight, non-drying and my skin seemed to love it.


Would I re-purchase? No. But only because I’m lazy and want a one-step cleanser.


Daily Redemption | Day Cream

When I first used this cream I did not hold high hopes. It’s super lightweight, and I expected that to result in my skin feeling dry and irritated. I am pleased to say I was wrong! This product was great. I mostly used it mixed in with a drop or two of argan oil, and it kept my skin feeling lovely all day long. It also worked well under makeup, really moisturising and preparing my skin for the base products. All it all I really liked it. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to people with exceptionally dry skin (mine is dry, but not overly so), but everyone else, I really liked it!!


Would I re-purchase? Yep! Definitely keeping an eye out for the next Priceline sale.


Reawaken | Eye Cream

This is probably my favourite product of the lot. It is super creamy, and I thought that was going to make it greasy and unpleasant, but (as seems to be a theme so far) I was wrong! It absorbs easily and left my usually dry and irritated eye area feeling nourished and moisturised. Big thumbs up from me. The only slight annoyance (and it’s small), it that the shape of the lid makes it really hard to open when you’ve recently moisturised your face! But really, it’s no big deal in the big scheme of life.


Would I repurchase? Definitely. Love it!


Liquid Gold | Pure Argan Oil

I am a very vocal member of the rosehip oil fan club, so it took a lot for me to even consider branching out and trying other facial oils. Initially, I thought I’d made a huge mistake; the oil felt very heavy on my skin and I had a couple of breakouts. I was on the verge of sticking this in the “disappointing products” pile when my skin changed its mind! Well, what actually happened was that the weather started to cool down and my skin became drier. Boy howdy, does dry skin love this stuff.   It kept my skin looking supple and moisturised all day long, and helped to boost my skins moisture and appearance when I wore it over night under a night cream. I am still unsure if I love it as much as rosehip oil, but I certainly do like it. I think this may be really beneficial for any dry skinned gals out there looking for a boost to their skincare routine.


Would I repurchase? Definitely!


So there were some hits and some misses in this range, but all in all I’m a fan of this brand! Have you tried any products from this range? Which would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.


Stay beautiful, N x

Autumn/Fall Beauty Favourites 2016

Fall has kind of snuck up on me this year; Summer was so gorgeous this year and that warmer weather has stuck around a little longer than normal. Consequently, my beauty routine was stuck in the summery scope well into March before I finally gave in a let my Autumnal faves sneak back in. But they’re back and they’re beautiful and I really don’t know why I didn’t start using them at 12.01am on March 1st! Silly girl.

So, without further ado, here are my current Autumn/Fall beauty favourites…


Liquid Gold – Pure Argan oil by Moreish


For a few years now I have been an extremely loyal rosehip oil convert. So it took quite a bit of self-convincing to get myself to branch out and try another facial oil. But I did just that.   For about two months now I have been using pure Argan oil in my skincare routine. Whilst initially I found it a bit too heavy for my skin, as the weather became cooler my skin really enjoyed that slightly more moisturising property. I will definitely continue to use it during the colder, drier months!

Black Clay Face Mask by NKDBODY


This mask leaves my skin feeling so revived, refreshed and oh so soft. I have found that is needs to be wiped off with a damp cloth as opposed to just rinsing, otherwise the colour can seep into fine lines and pores and leave you looking like a Dalmatian, not really what we’re after. Do that and you’ll love this bad boy as much as I do.



Naked Skin Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup by Urban Decay


This is the perfect lightweight foundation for autumn. Its thin consistency is perfect for any dryness that may develop as the weather cools and provides light-medium coverage whilst keeping you looking natural and healthy. I have recently done a full review on this foundation, so click here if you want to read more.



Ambient Lighting Powders by Hourglass


I don’t know why it has taken me so long to jump onto the ambient lighting powder bandwagon but oh my goodness I am on it now. M has owned the palette and a single of the Dim Light for quite a while and I have always reached past them, then something recently made me think “I really should try this out again” and holy moly! This powder is stunning. It’s exactly the thing to ensure you keep that glow into the fall. It costs an arm and a leg, but it’s worth it.


Black Wine by Estee Lauder


Fall calls for deep, bloody, Autumnal reds that remind you of leaves falling from trees and this one by Estee Lauder is absolutely perfect; My go-to autumn lipstick.

Miss Sanja by Shanghai Suzy


If you’re not feeling the deeper fall colours, then this fushcia is another great alternative. It draws on the fall colours whilst also keeping this fresh and light. It honestly goes with so many different looks I love it!

I have recently done a full review on Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, so click here if you would like to read more about this fabulous lippy brand.



Dolce Vita by Nars


This blush is delicious! It’s mauvey amazingness in a compact that creates that perfect pinched-cheek look we’re all coveting in the fall.



Hair Mask by NKDBODY


You skin isn’t the only thing that suffers in the cool, dry months. Give your hair a little loving too with this great moisturising hair mask. My hair feels so gorgeous and silky after I use this and it doesn’t have to be left in for a ridiculous amount of time! Great for lazy people like myself.



Earl Grey by Aurora OR French Earl Grey by T2

I don’t usually drink black teas (I just prefer the lighter green or white teas) but when the weather starts to cool down I seriously crave a cup of earl grey in the mornings. These two are my favourites, and if you really made me choose I would pick the one by T2, but the packaging of the Aurora one is so cute! I recommend both to any fellow tea lovers out there.



I Love Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara by Essence


I was recently put onto this mascara by a fellow blogger here on WordPress and I honestly cannot thank them enough. I can’t believe how amazingly well this delivers on both volume and length and for less than AU$6!! That is insane. I will be telling every man and his dog about this mascara.

There are non-waterproof options if you prefer, but in the rainy autumn months I like to play it safe.



Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced


No doubt you’ve heard of this glorious palette, and it is just as fabulous as everyone says. But it really comes into it’s own during the fall. The beautiful deep red, the coppers, the browns, the greens…it’s autumn in an eyeshadow palette.


What are you fall must have beauty products? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay beautiful, N x

Review & Swatches: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

I am a lover of lipstick. So when I started to hear great things about the lipstick brand Shanghai Suzy I, of course, gave it a quick Google to see what the fuss was about. Not gonna lie, I assumed this was a Chinese brand from the name, but it turns out it’s a local Australian brand. The lipstick-only brand was created to fill the hole in the market for good quality yet affordable lipsticks, and they nailed it.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, but it just went ahead and blew my mind. For starters, they are AU$12.95. So, naturally, my plan of buying just one to try the formula out quickly turned into a little trio of first impressions.


The formula? Fabulous. They are so creamy, and yet not heavy on the lips, and they last. Like not last as in do-nothing-all-day-like-don’t-even-chew-gum and it lasts, but like really lasts. I gave these guys a workout, I even wore one out to Mexican one night and it still looked respectable after a night of having shoved tacos/burritos/cocktails in my gob. It had faded slightly, but this was almost unnoticeable and it had done it well. Nothing annoys me more with a lipstick than when you go to the bathroom and you have nothing left but a lip liner-esque ring around your lips; that didn’t happen with these lipsticks.


As mentioned earlier, I picked up three colours. They are all name ‘Miss somethingoranother” which I think is just adorable. The three I own are Miss Bree (Pink Blush), Miss Sanja (Fuschia) and Miss Victorine (Classic Red). I will say one thing though, it’s not necessarily a negative, it’s just a note. All three of my lipsticks are the ‘matte formula’…they ain’t matte. They aren’t shimmery, or frosted or anything like that at all, but they are also not matte. That doesn’t bother me, but if you are after a MAC style matte lipstick, these are not for you.


On to swatches…


L-R: Miss Victorine, Miss Sanja, Miss Bree


Miss Bree – Pink Blush

A cute pink that can go from every day to blushing night-time beauty.

Miss Sanja – Fuschia

A gorgeous almost-purple. This is probably the one I wear most often, it finished off any outfit perfectly.


Miss Victorine – Classic Red

I’m going to make a bold statement; this is a pretty good dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo. I love Ruby Woo, and (as I mentioned) this is nowhere near as matte, but to be honest I think that may be in Miss Victorine’s favour! This is just a gorgeous, classic red. A must have in any girls lipstick collection.


Top – Miss Victorine Bottom – Ruby Woo



All in all I am a huge fan and will definitely be purchasing more and getting them as gifts for friends and family. Miss Tanielle (Desert Rose) is next on my list.

Do you have any lipstick brand recommendations for me to try? Let me know in the comments below.


Stay beautiful, N x

Makeup Look: Drugstore Smokey Eye – Maybelline’s #GetTheLeatherLook

NB: This post is in no way sponsored by any brand, all products were bought with our money and all opinions are our own.

I don’t know about you guys, but recently before every YouTube video I have watched has been Maybelline’s #GetTheLeatherLook advertisement. After ignoring it the first 1-10 times, I finally watched and really liked the look of the products they were using! So I got my butt to Priceline and picked most of them up.

If you want to see my interpretation on #GetTheLeatherLook (using all drugstore products!) then keep on reading!




To start I used my new fave drugstore primer, The Original by Australis. For the base I used Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth in 120 Classic Ivory with my sponge from Real Techniques. As the name suggests, this is one dewy foundation! Not something I wanted with my smokey eye to come, so I powdered under my eyes and my t-zone with the lightest shade from the Australis AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit.




I have been on the hunt for a liquid concealer that is light enough to highlight my pale skin, and I finally found it in the form of the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer in the shade Light. I put this under my eyes and in my t-zone for a slight highlight.




I have been loving my current brow combo! Such great drugstore products; The Maybelline Brow Satin Duo in Dark Brown and Brow Drama in Medium Brown. They are both great on their own but together they slay!



Now this is the focal point of the look, and where the ‘leather’ part of that hashtag comes in. You’ve probably heard of Maybelline’s 24 hour colour tattoo eyeshadows, they’re amazing. Now they’ve come out with a matter version, the ‘leather’ version. I picked up the shades 08 Creamy Beige, 95 Chocolate, and 100 Dramatic Black. They are just as amazing as their predecessors! Well done Maybelline!


I started out with Creamy Beige just about my crease as a transition colour, followed by Chocolate just underneath and in my outer-v, so that the evolution into the black was more natural and gradual. Finally I used Dramatic black all over the lid, into the crease, outer-v and all over my lower lash line. The key? Blend, blend, blend. I found that using some of the Chocolate shade to blend out the edge of the black really helped. These shadows are fantastically blendable. I really like them. Definitely consider investing in a shade or two, or like 6.




When I purchased the   mascara for this look it came in a little two pack with the Maybelline Master Eyeliner, score! I put this pitch black liner in my upper and lower waterline as well as my upper and lower lash line. As you can see it really brings the smokey eye together, creating a great grungy look.




Another essential to the hashtag, the Maybelline the Colossal Go Extreme! Mascara in Leather Black. Woah. The brush on this bad boy is HUGE! And it delivers on those colossal promises. Volume, Length, and black black leather black lashes. Perfect for this look.




I chose to skip on bronzer for this look as I wanted it to remain grungy, but I also wanted a contour that could cut glass. To achieve this I used the Australis palette from earlier, using shade 5 (middle bottom) to contour my cheekbones and around my hair line. I also used shade 1 (top right) to carve out under my cheekbones. Oooh yeah, I love me a contour.




Oops! I forgot to take photos of this step! I was too excited about highlighting haha I wanted to keep the blush natural so as not to make the look to heavy and Milani’s 01 Dolce Pink is perfect for this. Milani blushes truly are number one, and at such a great price!!




My favourite step. I wanted to keep the highlight in the cool-silvery area of the colour spectrum and so chose the Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl. Does the packaging of this product remind anyone else of a boob? M and I call in the boob highlight…nope just us? Oky dokey then, moving on.



I went for both a nude and bold lip option for this look so that you can take it where your mood takes you!

Lip Option 1 – Nude


Everyone loves a nude lip with a smokey eye and this glossy option really classes it up. I used Maybelline’s Colour Elixer Liquid Lip Balm in Nude Illusion. This is definitely a gloss and not a balm, so don’t be fooled by the name.

Lip Option 2 – Bold


The old adage goes that you can only go big on the eyes or the lips or risk looking like a 90s hooker. But rules are made to be broken! And if you end up looking like a 90s hooker you are doing something terribly wrong.

I chose Revlon’s Super Lustrous Matte in Really Red to finish on the grungy babe look I was going for and I love the result!


I really hope you enjoyed my take on the Maybelline #GetTheLeatherLook! What kind of makeup look would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay beautiful, N x



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