REVIEW: Models Prefer Colour Correcting Concealer

We all have those spots and tones in our skin that foundation just doesn’t seem to cover enough or the combination of skin tone and foundation can look ashy. This is where colour correcting comes in.

I’ve always wanted to try out colour correcting but never seemed to be able to find the right product. M loves her M.A.C concealer duo for correcting dark circles under her eyes but I suffer from a lot of redness around my cheeks and nose and needed something to fix that. I thought it was a lost cause and had accepted my red cheeks when I got a text from M with a picture of the Models Prefer Colour Correcting Concealer quad and immediately wanted to try it out to see what it was like!

First up, I have to admit that my hopes weren’t set to high as it was only $12.99 but, after testing it out, I was pleasantly surprised!

The quad comes with four cream shades to “create a perfect base and achieve an all over even skin tone” according to the packaging. The colours include a peach shade to counteract dark spots and correct discolouration, a green shade to neutralise red undertones (hallelujah!) and correct blemishes, a yellow shade to camouflage purple/blue undertones and correct uneven skin tones and a lilac shade to eliminate yellow undertones and correct dull complexions.

The packaging is very slim, light-weight and, in my opinion, pretty sleek for an affordable product!

The consistency of the creams is a really nice cream-to-powder finish! It feels so creamy and buttery when you apply it and blends out to a nice smooth powder finish but remains creamy enough that it can be  applied under foundation without it becoming cakey.

use the green shade with either my finger or a small buffing brush on my cheeks and nose and any pesky pimples. I use my fingers to apply the yellow shade directly under my eyes and in my inner corners to counteract my blueish under eye circles and then use the peach shade directly underneath that in an upside down triangle shape to brighten everything up. Finally, I use the lilac shade as a kind of pre-foundation highlighter placing is on top of my cheek bones, on my brow bone, in the centre of forehead and down the middle of my nose (you know the drill).

After I had applied the product I use a damp beauty blender or my fingers to blend it as much as possible in to my skin, you will still have colour on your skin after this step but don’t worry, we’ll be applying foundation next. Next I apply foundation as I usually would and bask in my even skin tone! I find that I normally still need to apply a little bit of concealer under my eyes to help with brightening but it is much less than I would if I hadn’t applied the colour corrector and doesn’t look ashy!

I absolutely love this concealer and would highly recommend it to those of you who have any uneven skin tones or even if you are a makeup artist as it would suit quite a few different skin tones! I use so much less foundation than I would otherwise too, so you are definitely saving in the long run!

Aussie babes can buy it from Priceline here.

Have you tried colour correcting before? What’s your favourite product? Let us know in the comments below.

-M xx 


REVIEW: Urban Decay VICE Lipsticks

Urban Decay recently replaced all of their lipsticks with a new line of 100 different shades in five different formulas and because I’m so good at saving money I only picked up eight shades (to start with) and thought I would share my thoughts with you – meet the VICE Lipstick line from Urban Decay!

I tried to pick up a shade from each formula but couldn’t decide on a colour in the cream or sheer formula but I’m sure I will in the future.

The Price:

In Australia you can purchase these lippies from Mecca, both online and instore, and they will set you back $28. Considering the quality and sheer quantity of shades available I find this price pretty decent as you are bound to find your perfect lippy in the collection somewhere!

The Colours:

There are 100 of them, I think that speaks for itself.


They really have thought of every possible lipstick finish possible in this collection! From sheer, every day shades to super chunky glittery shades to dark, vampy, wintery hues. My favourite finish out of the six has to be comfort matte. It really reminds me of the MAC Satin formula which I loooove!

Sheer: This is one of the formulas that I didn’t really find a shade that clicked but there are lots of beautiful ones in the collection! The sheer finish would be great if you want a shade that looks like you put in a little bit of effort but not like you are wearing loads of makeup. I also think this finish would be great if you wanted a “my lips but better” lippy.

Sheer Shimmer: I have the shade Ex-Girlfriend in this formula and looooove it! The finish is somewhere between a shimmery and cream lipstick. It’s not going to last you all day and it’s not an opaque colour by any means but I really like that it is buildable and easy to reapply! I think this is a nice formula to get in an every day colour and Ex-Girlfriend is definitely that for me.


Cream: As I mentioned, I don’t have a colour in this finish but from testing in store it seems nice and creamy. It’s also supposed to be a buildable formula so don’t expect this to be your all-day-waterproof lipstick but again, something nice to slap on in a rush and be done.

Metallized: I have two shades in this finish and really like both! Peyote is a beautiful every-day colour that I have been wearing non stop! Amulet is unlike any other colour I own in my collection and, for that reason, I love it! The Metallized finish is really flattering and I’ve been loving these shades (especially Peyote) as a handbag companion since I bought them as they are easy to slap on and reapply! Like the cream and sheer shimmer formulas they won’t last you all day but I looooove them!



Comfort Matte: As I mentioned above this is my favourite formula out of the bunch! They last a really long time without being drying or powdery on the lips! If you are eating and drinking on a night out, you will need to reapply these shades but they last longer than the others. I picked up four colours in this finish and will definitely be buying more! Backtalk is the kind of colour that I tend to reach for constantly if I want to look like I put in a little bit of effort, it is a beautiful cool nude shade and the pigmentation is insane! 1993 is a warm brown shade and I think I will be rocking it a lot during the warmer months! I also picked up Blackmail which is the kind of deep, vampy shade I love wearing on a night out or during a cold and wet Tassie day. Lastly I got Menace which is a classic blue toned bright pink! It’s a great bright colour for the summer months.





Mega-Matte: This finish reminds me so much of the MAC matte and retro matte listicks! It is a tad drying but if you properly prep your lips with lip balm, primer and liner before applying them they don’t look powdery or too heavy! I picked up the shade 714 in this shade which is a classic red and is also the shade that Ruby Rose wore in all of the campaigns for this collection. I absolutely love this shade and think it would suit every skin tone!



The boxes of the lipsticks are so cool! They have broken up colours stacked upon one another and gold writing. I think they look nice and sleek and I love that they have a sticker of the colour on them too so they are easily recognisable! The actual lipstick tubes look so sleek and also have a sticker on the bottom of them with not only the shade name but the colour of the lipstick too which is great when you have the stored together! They have a little clip when you shut them too so the lid doesn’t fall off in your handbag or during travel! A+ from me!

Overall Thoughts:

I think Urban Decay hit the nail on the head with this range! There really is a colour for everyone! I hope they come out with some of the colours in a variety of finishes as I think that would go really well but overall I think I might have found my new favourite range of lipsticks!

Stay Happy,

-M xx


REVIEW: Nude Magique Cushion Foundation by L’Oreal Paris

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. A lightweight, glowy foundation is my ultimate makeup dream. I spend my days searching for my Holy Grail foundation, and when I find it I keep on looking… just in case. So when L’Oreal brought out with a different version of one of my very favourite dewy-finish foundations, I had to jump on that bandwagon asap.


Enter the Nude Magique cusion foundation, boasting a variety of desirable qualities: natural glow finish, fresh and weightless formula, buildable sheer-medium coverage, easy application, and SPF29 sun protection. On paper, it ticks literally all my boxes. So did it meet my expectations?


Short answer? Yes. I love it, it’s fantastic, I look like a naturally glowy princess, well done L’Oreal.


Long answer? Read on.


The Deets

In Australia, this foundation will set you back $29.95 ($20.95 if you get into Priceline quick! It’s on sale atm), which isn’t the cheapest drugstore foundation on the market. Especially considering you get only 14.6g of product. For an extra 5 bucks you can get 30mL of the OG Lumi Magique foundation. So, honestly, it’s not the best value for money, but that’s how cushion foundations roll.

It also has SPF25. Sun protection is always a huge plus for me. However, this does mean that it has a slight flash back in flash photography.

Little side note: there are rumours that they are discontinuing Lumi Magique. Which, if it’s true, it truly heart breaking and I may need some time to recover from such a loss. Having said that, it’s still available on the Priceline website at present. Let’s hope the rumours aren’t true.


The Coverage

Light. I wanted to say light-medium but that’s just not true. It’s light bordering on tinted moisturiser coverage; think Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and you’re in the same coverage post code as the Nude Magique. Even with two layers it’s still pretty light, heading towards medium. Which is exactly what I love! But if you’re after some serious coverage, this is definitely not going to be your jam.


The downside to this for me is that it means you end up layering up and using even more foundation in a compact that is already seriously lacking volume.

The Application

The little sponge that comes with the foundation compact actually does a pretty good job at applying this foundation! Which is a bit of a shock, really. But my preferred method is to apply is with a beauty sponge.

The Finish

As mentioned above, this baby is dewy. Like DEW-Y. In summertime when it feels a little more acceptable, I may just let the dew do its thing, but most of the time it definitely needs setting with powder. I just set my t-zone (my only slightly oily area) and let the sides of my face glow like a thousand suns. If you’re oily, I’d think twice about giving this foundation a go.


The Longevity

This is the area in which this foundation is lacking. Not that it is particularly surprising given the light coverage. It does still look pretty at the end of a working day, but it has definitely faded from what it was upon application. It won’t take you from day-night without touch-ups or reapplication, which means you need even more foundation out of the small compact. So, yeah longevity is a bit of thumbs down for me.


All in All…

All in all, I can look past the longevity issue. I am not somebody that loves full coverage foundations, so I have learned to live with my makeup not lasting as long to get the lighter more natural look I am after. If you’re after a more hardy version of this foundation you may want to give the Lumi Magique a go, but for me the Nude Magique just trumps it; the finish is just slightly more flattering/less oily looking.


I definitely recommend this foundation for people with dry skin who are looking for a natural, glowy foundation. Give this a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Aussie girls can buy it here.

What other drugstore foundations have you been loving? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay beautiful, N x

REVIEW: Too Faced X Nikkie Tutorials – The Power of Makeup 

The time has finally come my friends! Nikkie has released her collaboration with Too Faced and it’s set to release at Mecca stores and online in Australia tomorrow 27/9! 

N was lucky enough to get her hands on it when she was in London so we’ve had the chance to test it out and we thought we’d give you our thoughts so you know whether or not to spend the money on it tomorrow. 


The first palette will be $82 AUD both in stores and online and will have free shipping from 


Each set contains the face and eye palette with 9 eyeshadows, two sweetheart blushes, a bronzer and highlighter. There is also a deluxe sample size of the Better Than Sex Mascara in an exclusive purple shade, a deluxe sample size of the Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer, a Glitterally Glamour Fust Glitter Pigment and a full sized Sketch Marker Eyeliner in Black. Nikkie also included a glamour guide with three different possible looks. 


I really love the colour range of the eyeshadows! There are four matte shades: Ivy, Painkiller, Makeup & Chill and Wanted and five shimmer shades: Sugar Coated, Frosted Yum, Irresistable, Mystic Hour and Wham Bam. The blushes are beauuutiful! There are two: I Will Always Love You and Justify My Love. The bronzer is the classic Chocolate Soleil bronzer and the highlight is actually Champagne Truffle which is an eyeshadow shade from the original Chocolate Bar palette and it is gorgeous!!! My favourite eyeshadow colours are Ivy, Painkiller, Makeup & Chill and Mystic Hour! They make a damn good eye look!! The Glitter is an original Nikkie shade so you know it’s going to be pretty specky and she sure didn’t disappoint with “Glitterally”! The Shadow Insurance dries clear and the Sketch Marker is a classic black and the mini Better Than Sex Mascara is such a cool purple!


Overall I really love the formulation of this palette! I do think that Wham Bam and Wanted need a bit of work as they aren’t very pigmented but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for a black shadow as it is easily buildable. They all blend really nicely and the glitter shades look absolutely stunning when applied with the finger! The blushes aren’t overly pigmented but I personally like that as you can build them up and don’t get a massive chunk of colour on first application! The bronzer is gorgeous and buildable and the highlight is like a sparkly angel came and kissed your face (without any chunky bits)! I’m not personally a massive fan of the shadow Insurance because I need something a bit stronger to stop my shadow from creasing. I’m not 100% sold on the Mascara either but I actually find this smaller size to transfer way less than my full sized black one! The Sketch Marker does run into any lines but it’s very black and dries matte which is great! As for the glitter, I absolute love it! I’m sad it’s in a small size to be honest!


I know there have been mixed reviews for this palette but I personally thinks it’s worth the money! If you are fan of Nikkie (like us – she’s definitely our soul sista) then this will make you very happy so I’d jump on it first thing in the morning! The colour are great as you can create every day or more dramatic and fun looks and because it has two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter it’s great for travel! The little pouch the extras come in is great for travel too and I love the leopard print! 

This is the look I first tried with this palette and I was highly impressed with everything! 

I hope this has helped you if you were umming and aahing over whether or not you wanted to buy this palette! Do you think you’ll grab it tomorrow? What’s your favourite shade? Let us know in the comments below! 

Stay happy,

-M xx 

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