REVIEW: Skinstitut Skincare

Revamping your skincare routine is daunting, but sometimes necessary. Changes in weather, life and generally just skin deciding it’s kinda done with your usual routine, can call for a change of scenery. Not sure where to even start? Well we’ve been doing some testing for you, so you can skip past the trial and error stage and get straight to the radiant skin.


We’ve been lucky enough to receive quite a few products from Skinstitut, and have been testing them out over the last few months. We’re finally ready to give you our thoughts on the products we have used so far:



Moisture Defence

I really liked this moisturiser. I mostly used it with a drop or two of skin oil mixed in (such as rosehip or vitamin e), but even on its own it was quite hydrating.


It is advertised as being for normal skin to hydrate, smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles through ingredients such as Kakadu plum extract. I don’t think it will work for people with dry skin, it’s too lightweight to really nourish dehydrated skin, but for my combination skin in summer it was perfect. If your skin in oily or normal, I definitely recommend giving this a go.


Multi-Active Oil

Firstly, this stuff smells amazing. I would use it as a perfume as I could. I’ve noticed a huge difference after incorporating this into my skincare routine. Just as Skinstitut promises, there has been visible improvement in the radiance in my skin, to the point that I was once mistaken for wearing foundation when I was bare skinned! WHAT! GUYS THAT’S THE DREAM!


This stuff is brilliant and I’ll definitely be purchasing it in the future.


Age Defence SPF 50+

I am pretty much always on the lookout for new sun protectant option for my pasty pasty skin, so this definitely piqued my interest. Skinstitut advertises this as a 2hr water resistance, broad spectrum sunscreen that will protect against UVA an UVB rays whilst hydrating and boosting your skin with antioxidants.


It did stop me from getting sunburnt, for longer than two hours. I wore it on bushwalks and at the beach, as well as under makeup on long days in the sun and it did its job. My skin felt hydrated and protected. However, as can happen with suncreams, it made my skin break out a bit. Nothing major, but there was one whopping pimple that would not go away, and that made me not want to use this product again. If you have seriously dry skin this is probably for you.


Multi-Active Mist

This has become a new obsession. I have kept this in my handbag through the long Sydney summer since the day that I got it. I apply it morning and night (and let’s be honest, throughout the day) and instantly feel more fresh and hydrated! This is bomb. You need it.



L-Lactic Cleanser

I love trying out new cleansers, and this one was quite different! It looks like a gel but feels quite creamy, odd, but I liked it. I went through this quite fast as it came flowing out of the tube quite fast, a fact that I seemed to forget every single day and resulted in me using far more than was necessary.


It is boasted as hydrating, exfoliating and refining your skin in one step, and I think it did just that…mostly. The exfoliation is obviously not going to be as dramatic as a scrub, but it did smooth my skin. I also sometimes used it with my cleansing brush and it worked really well that way too. As for taking off makeup, it is a champ! And I always love a cleanser that removes my makeup in one go.


All in all, big thumbs up from me!


Glycolic Cleanser 12%

(NB: Skinstitut does not recommend this product for irritated or sensitive skin)

I have already gone through one of these and, considering the size of the tube, I think that is quite the feat! I can feel it tingling (but nothing too harsh) on my face straight away and my skin looks brighter and more even in appearance when I use it. I find that I can use it every day, even thought I have very dry skin, as it helps to remove the dry skin cells that can sometimes clog my pores and leave me looking extremely dull.


Skinstitut also recommends using this as an overnight spot treatment on any stubborn blemishes, which I haven’t tried yet but I am definitely keen to give it a go! I am on my second tube and can’t see myself stopping any time soon.



Glycolic Scrub 14%

(NB: Skinstitut does not recommend this product for irritated or sensitive skin)

Skinstitut claims that this scrub helps with skin renewal and unclogging pores with ingredients such as Glycolic acid, jojoba beads and tea tree oil. Does this happen in real life?


Like the Glycolic cleanser you can feel the scrub working away as soon as you apply it, my favourite way to use this is to gently massage it into my face, shoulder and décolleté and leave it for a bit whilst I do something else. It’s already helped massively with some small stubborn whitehead on my shoulders and I’ve only been using this for a week.



Hydrating Mask

I love using this mask as a quick pick-me-up. Because you only need to keep it on for ten minutes, it’s a quick and easy way to incorporate a mask into a busy and stressful day. After I remove it, my skin feels more bouncy (for lack of a better word) and refreshed. I’ve already given this as a gift and would definitely purchase one in the future.



Enzymatic Micro Peel

I’m normally quite cautious that have ‘peel’ in the name, as I’ve had bad experiences as looking like a lobster the day after. As I cautiously applied this peel for the first time, I noticed straight away that this would be different; it’s so gentle, yet you can still feel it working, and I do notice that my skin is brighter after use.


I’ve only used this a handful of times as I was so cautious when we first received it but I can definitely see myself continuing to use it from now on.



A huge thank you to Elise Garland Public Relations and Skinstitut for these products. We are so lucky to have received these products, however all of our opinions are our own; we pride ourselves on our honesty.


Stay beautiful, N & M x

REVIEW: E.L.F Eye Primer & Liner Sealer 

E.L.F has always been one of those drugstore brands that has fascinated me because people always say how amazing it is yet most of their products cost less than a cup of coffee. 
When I was in Kmart recently I came across their Eye Primer and Liner Sealer and decided to pick it up and see if it did in fact compare to some of my higher end products. 

I don’t normally wear a lot of eyeliner as I have fairly Hooded eyes so I find that the liner takes up so much lid space that I end up looking like a panda… so, to be completely honest with you, I’ve only tried the liner Sealer side of this product a couple of times. Because of my hooded lids my eyeliner, when I do wear it, tends to smudge or crumble pretty quickly and I did actually find that the Sealer made some difference with this! I applied my liquid liner and after it set I put the Sealer over the top and found that my eyeliner actually looked good and was still on my eyes after about 4 hours of wear. Again, as I’m not a big eyeliner wearer anyway I don’t think I’ll wear this product much but I think that if you do wear eyeliner and find you have trouble with its wear time this might help you. 

When I first swatched the Eye Primer on my hand I didn’t have very high hopes for it. It seemed to sink in to my lines and have quite a dry texture. For some reason, however, when it was applied to my eyelids it was a completely different story! I feel like the drier texture kept my oils at bay and it seemed to seamlessly glide across my eyelids and the shadow was far more pigmented than without it! My eyeshadows definitely stayed smoother for longer with this Primer and I’m pretty shocked that it doesn’t cost more! 
This product is available at Kmart, Target and on the Australian E.L.F website for only $8!!! Jump on it people! It’s so worth trying! 5 stars from me 🙂 

Have you tried any more E.L.F products? What should we try next? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay Happy, 

M xx 

Wearable Festival Makeup Look – #PricelineBeauties

Festival makeup is fun. But what if you’re not into glitter and gold temporary tattoos? Well, I’ve got your back fam. As my entry into the current #PricelineBeauties competition I created a festival look that is not only very wearable (and bloody beaut. If I do say so myself), but also produced using affordable products that you can find at your local Priceline. Like we needed any more of an excuse to go on a spree!!

If you want to see how I created the summery look above, keep on reading:


I started off with my favourites Cetaphil moisturising cream. This is great for all skin types, I use it on clients all the time. For my under-eyes, that can be quite dry, I used the revitalising eye cream from QV. Finally I primed and moisturised my lips using the QV lip balm; this stuff is holy grail status!



As you can tell from the ‘before’ photo, I’m suffering from quite a lot of discolouration and a few angry blemishes. So the first thing I did was use the Models Prefer colour correcting palette (I’ve done a full review on this product here). For foundation I used the L’Oreal True Match in shade W1 Golden Ivory which we are currently trialling…yes we are very late to this party, keep your eyes peeled for a review. For concealer I used Fit Me by Maybelline in the shade 15 fair. To blend the cream products in I used our trusty Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge.



For look I wanted brows of Frida Kahlo dimensions (although perhaps slightly less close together). To achieve this I used Maybelline Brow Satin in dark brown in short hair-like strokes to fill in my brows and set them with my ride or die Rimmel Brow This Way brow styling gel.



To set my face and brighten my complexion I used a new(ish) favourite, the cult hit Banana Powder by Australis using the Real Techniques setting brush. I really wanted to make sure I looked chiselled and glowy-like-da-sun-girrrrllll for this look; Chloe Morello to the rescue. Her Sculpt and Highlight Contour Kit and brush in collab. with Revlon is seriously good quality. We have the kit in light/medium which is perfect for our fair skintones.

First off I used the brush that came with the palette with the sculpt shade to hard-core contour – I’m talking razor sharp edges – my cheekbones, forehead, nose, collar bones (yas! Get me some collar bones!), nose, neck, and under my lip. So essentially I reshaped my face and upper body – who needs plastic surgery when we have contour powder?

Next, using the same brush, I grabbed the bronze shade and applied it along my cheek bones and around the perimeter of my face. I also the glow shade in the Chloe Morello palette with the Real Techniques setting brush and a little bit of Australis make-up finishing spritz pretty much everywhere. You know the drill, we want to GLOW.

To finish my face I used a NYX blush in the shade Angel. This is the perfect neutral shade to compliment the bright lip we will be having with this look.



To start, using EcoTools concealer brush, I dusted the bronze shade from the aforementioned Revlon X Chloe Morello palette through my upper crease and loosely under my lower lash line to help future blending. Because we want our makeup to last through hours of sweaty mosh pit dancing and sunshine and shenanigans, I used a combination of the Maybelline 24h Color Tattoos.

First cab off the rank is No. 80 Creamy Beige. Using the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush, I applied this all over my mobile lid and through the crease (this shade is da bomb. Why has N been hiding it from me?! The bitch.). Next I used No. 95 Chocolate Suede along the outer portion of my lash line. To create a golden pop I used No. 45 Bold Gold in my inner corner and inner third of my eyelid using the EcoTools concealer brush.

To smoke this out a bit I used L’Oreal’s Color Riche Le Smoky eyeliner pencil and smudger in 204 Brown Fusion. I popped this through my lower waterline and to tightline my upper lash line. The smudger on the other end of this pencil is awesome and makes it so easy to create a smokey look!


Australis Fierce Eyes Volumising Mascara, you slay me. As you can tell in the photo above dey were not joking when they said ‘volumising’. All the lashes.

Get your asses to Priceline and buy this right now. Don’t walk, run.



To pay a bit of homage to Summer and Seth we finished off this look with a bright pop of colour brought to you by NYX Liquid Suede in Orange County. The formula of these is amaze. There’s something about a bright pop of orangey red that screams festival seaons, and has the added bonus of making your skin look so healthy and bright.


Setting Spray

To set it all in place, all day long, we used Australia make-up finishing sprtiz.


Ta da! Go forth and slay!

Stay Happy, 

M xx

2016 High End Beauty Favourites

You might want to grab yourself a drink and some snacks, because it turns out we are really bad at narrowing things down to just one favourite and this post became a lot longer than we intended.  Having said that it’s full of awesome products that we really do adore! If you want to see what we loved the most in 2016, keep on reading!



Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

I’ve always been a bit lazy with eye cream but I have used this one religiously since I rediscovered it in my skincare draw earlier last year! It’s the only eyen cream I’ve used where I can actually see results! It is so moisturising and light weight enough that I can wear it under makeup as well!

Hair Care


Davines MOMO Hair Care

I’ve written a full review on this here. This hair care range has changed my hair so much this year! I love it so much ch and will continue to purchase it!



TIGI S-Factor Diamond Dreams Shampoo & Conditioner

This stuff smells amazing. Like wow. I can’t quite put my finger on what the smell is exactly, but whatever it is it’s amazing. It also leaves my hair with a weightless volume that I adore. Big thumbs up for this one! Made washing my hair so much less of a chore.



Si by Giorgio Armarni

This is the ultimate musky, feminine perfume! This was my favourite last year too but, to be honest, I just haven’t found anything that compares! I’m awful at explaining fragrances so I won’t even try – just go smell it asap! You won’t regret it!


See by Chloe EDP

This was a little pressie to myself at the beginning of 2016, and I still adore it. It’s my go-to for when I’m feeling a little special or pretty. I am terrible at describing scents, but what I will say is that this is classy without being too old, and doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Give it a try when you’re next at the perfume counter.



Becca Backlight Priming Filter

We’re a little late to the party with this one, but we’re officially on board. This will make you look like you glow from within. Dry-skinned peeps you are going to love this. Mixed with foundation or worn on its own as a primer, it’s amaze if you’re after glowy unicorn princess skin. And who isn’t?!



Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Finland Light 1

I realise that this is technically a tinted moisturiser, but I would be lying if I didn’t put this in number one place for 2016. I found myself reaching for this on the daily. It’s so easy to apply and leaves you with a naturally radiant looking complexion whilst evening out skin-tone. I adore it.   If you’re into the super natural look, give this a go. It’s worth the price tag. And buildable if you’re wanting more coverage too.

Honoural Mention

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat in BD20

An oldy but a goody. Still my go to for any special occasion. It does have SPF in it, but I don’t experience any flashback. It gives a great buildable coverage, wears like a dream and never looks cakey no matter how dry my skin is. My OG foundation fave.


IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream in Light

This is so worth all the hype it gets online! It has amazing coverage, SPF and a beautiful natural looking finish!



BareMinerals Bare Skin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in Fair

Hydrating and lightweight coverage; perfect for under the eyes, even with dry skin like mine. Big thanks to the girl at Mecca that recommended this one to me. I far prefer it to the Nars radiant creamy concealer.

Honourable Mention

Benefit Fake Up

This is my everyday concealer. I am so disappointed if I have left it at my boyfriends and can’t use it. I have actual feelings of missing it, like an old friend. I have said it once, and I’ll say it again, I’ll never get why this isn’t more popular.


IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Undereye in Medium

If I really want to block out all discolouration under my eyes I pop this on before any concealer (or on natural days I will use it alone). It is the best under eye corrector that I have every tried! So worth the hype!

Too Faced Born This Way Natural Radiant Concealer in Fair

This is such a beautiful natural looking concealer for under the eyes or covering any blemishes or discolouration. It doesn’t have crazy pigmentation but is build-able and looks beautiful on more natural looks!



Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

If you wan’t to look airbrushed but in real life, then get this powder. Any of the colours will do. But get it. Even my dry skin that normally cakes up at the mere sight of being set with powder doesn’t mind this miracle powder. Love love love. Even if you do have to mortgage your house to buy it.


Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Petal

I’ve never been a huge powder lover as I have super dry skin but when I was given this powder this year that completely changed! It is so nice as either a setting powder or an all over base for a natural look! It doesn’t make me look cakey or emphasise any of my dry patches. The shade range is pretty slim though which is my only complaint!



Nars Paloma Duo

This is old news, and admittedly when M is home I definitely reach for her Kat Von D palette, but I have travelled with this duo and still love it. The contour blends so easily, you don’t even have to think about it. It leaves a natural shadow that I love. It can be muddy if you’re a little heavy handed, but I just build it up slowly.


Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Cream Kit in Fair

I’ve got a complete review on this palette here including the way I like to use it. I was a bit scared of cream contouring before I found this product and have quickly fallen in love since! 

Honourable Mention

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

Ah Kat Von D, I am yet to find a product from her line that I’m not completely in love with. This creates the most amazing Contour of any product I have tried to date. You need this!




Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea

As you can tell, I’m really good at choosing one favourite. This bronzer is very different to the Urban Decay one though so it’s totally ok yeah? This is an absolutely stunning shimmery bronzer that has a lovely sheen with no chunky glitter!

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sun-Kissed

You need this bronzer! It is an absolutely stunning matte bronzed shade and is beautifully build-able! Love!


Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil

This bronzer makes me happy. I get excited to use it. Perfect natural bronze for pale girls like me. And it smells like chocolate. What more could you ask for?

Honourable Mention

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

I never used to like this cream bronzer, but in 2016 I embraced cream products.  This makes me look like a Grecian goddess and I’m always down with that.  A staple of 2016.



Becca x Jaclyn Hill Mineral Blush in Amaretto

KathleenLights inspired me to get into nude blushes. I have a bit of a natural flush (it sounds pretty, it’s not) and so natural blushes work well for me. This one by Becca in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill (part of the face palette) is my favourite so far. I love it, and always feel naturally beautiful when I wear it, a gorgeous natural satin finish. If you haven’t already bought this palette (and let’s be honest, you probably have) then get it in your life. It will be all the shinier for it.

Honourable Mention

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in 2 Calypso Coral

Cream blushes scare me a bit, I’m always worried I’ll end up looking like a clown. This one by Bobbi Brown has helped me to embrace them. I wear this on the days when I want that no-makeup-look-whilst-(obviously)-wearing-makeup. It’s gives me a natural blush and really doesn’t at all look like makeup. This became a staple of my 2016.


Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild

The colour and formula of this blush are so luxe and unique. Everyone needs this shade in their collection. A++

Honourable Mention

Tarte Blushes…all of them

The Tarte blushes have, by far the best blush formula I have ever tried! They last so long on your cheeks and the pigmentation is insane! I use these blushes on every one of my makeup clients!

Highlight – Beaming


Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop

Jaclyn Hill and Becca completely changed the highlight world with this release! It looks amazing on all skin tones and has the most beautiful sheen! Love, love, love!


Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

This whole palette is da bomb. Definitely glad I purchased it. The two highlighters (champagne pop and prosecco pop) will burn the retinas of anyone that passes you by and some days that’s just what you’re after. They can be applied with a lighter hand if you’re not looking for unicorn-esque beaming highlight that particular day, but you’ll still be pretty beaming. I particularly love combining to the two, the colour they create is perfection. Plus that’s what Jaclyn says she does so obvs I had to do that too. Cause we’re besties.

Highlight – Natural(ish)


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Beige

There’s a reason one of these sells every second or whatever that insane statistic is. This is my highlight I chuck in when I’m travelling because it can be used lightly as an everyday no-yeah-i-totally-glow-like-this-all-by-myself or heavier handed for that dayum-girl-strobe-much?! look that 2016 was all about. I am pale af and just lightly run my brush across all the colours and it’s not too dark. Definitely one I recommend for people easing into the highlighting game.


Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle:

I rediscovered my Soft and Gentle highlight earlier this year and have used this nearly daily since! I even like wearing this when I’m not wearing any other makeup to give my full skin some light. Perfection!

Eye Primers


Mac Prep + Prime 24-hour Extend Eye Base

This is the perfect eye shadow primer for hooded eyes! It keeps my eye shadow from creasing and moving around like nothing else I’ve tried!

Too Faced Glitter Glue Glitter Shadow Primer

This will make any shimmer eye shadow or glitter stay on your eyes 5eva and make the pigment pop like crazy! If you like shimmery eye looks you need this in your life!

Eye Shadow


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection

M moved away from me this year (rude) and took with her all her makeup (even ruder). After months and months of “bugger, wish I had the chocolate bar palette” moments I finally gave in and bought one of my own. Still the best palette out there. Ride or die. Perfect all in one, and the palette I recommend to anyone looking for just one palette. It’s love.


Honourable Mention

Becca Ombre Rouge Eye Palette

When I was going through my draws picking for this post I saw this and realised, I use it almost every day. The reason? The finish. It’s this soft satin finish that just sit so naturally on the eyelids. It’s perfect for every day as it doesn’t leave you looking too overdone (if that’s not what you’re into). The lightest colour is the one I use to just cover the veins on my eyelids on days when I want to look neater but not like I’ve actually tried…even though I did try…hard…this don’t happen easy kids.


Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

This palette has brought me so much happiness this year! It has all the colours you could possibly need and the formula is out of this world! Too Faced have got the eyeshadow game perfected!

Brow Product


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer in Medium Brown AND Taupe

This has changed my eye brow game in 2016! It is so easy to apply and makes my brows look so full and fleeky!



Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Beyond Brown

I have written about my love for this mascara in a post here. It’s my holy grail! Love!


Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara in Black

Still my go-to for nights out. I often combine it with They’re Real or Roller Lash for extra length, but this baby lasts forever! Which is exactly the reason I bought it. This was worth the price tag. Love.



Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

I was going to choose another lippie and then I realised that, if I’m being honest, this is the one that has lived in my handbag. I have a very undefined lip line, which can make applying lipstick a very annoying job. This pencil makes easy work of it. Plus the colour is so natural and yet pretty. LOVE. So glad I rediscovered this in 2016. In fact imma go put it on right now.



Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick…all of them

Can you tell that I have a love for these lippies? If you love liquid lipsticks then you need to give this line a try! Keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!



Zoeva 128 Cream Cheek Brush

I have a feeling I chose this last year. How boring of me. But it’s still my favourite. Perfect for both cream and powder blushes. Blends and applies with no effort. Perfection.


MAC 135

N gave me this for Christmas in 2015 and she will forever be my favourite sister because of it! It is the most perfect bronzing brush that I have ever used! Is it worth the whopping price tag?… yes! 100% yes! 

Honourable Mention

MAC 127

This is my absolute, hands down favourite brush for highlighting! I haven’t used anything else since I discovered it at the end of 2015! This one is limited edition but they have it in black in their permanent collection! Definitely give this one a go if you are looking for a new highlighting brush!



Loving Tan 2hr Express Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark AND Medium

Ah Loving Tan! We are definitely not tanning pros but feel like it when we use their products! It is almost impossible to apply this wrong which, for us less coordinated people) is everything! Medium is our perfect shade during the Winter months and dark gives us that extra boost in the Summer! So, so worth all of the internet hype!


What were your high end beauty favourites for 2016? Did we match up on any? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay beauitful, N&M x




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