Monthly Favourites: June 2017

Favourites videos and posts are our favourite to watch, the beginning of the month is blogger heaven! Checking out what people have been loving. So we decided we would start doing them too!

This post will show you what products we were loving in the month of June. These are the products we reached for or were obsessed with throughout the month. Let us know what your current favourites are! We love trying out your recommendations.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into it..

Kat vod D shade and light eye palette

M got me this for my birthday last year and I was in such awe of its beauty that I have neglected it – I just didn’t want to disturb the beauty! But Allana Davison (check out her YouTube channel, we are obsessed and want to be her best friend) inspired me to get creative and use these amazing shadows.

I don’t have a bad thing to say about this palette. If you are a fan of matte shadows then don’t even think about it, just add to cart and check this baby out. You need this.

mac mineralize concealer in nw15

I rediscovered this concealer early in June and for the life of me I cannot remember why I ever moved away from using it! Amazing coverage and yet still light weight. The colour is amazing for highlighting my super-pale complexion. If you are like me and crease like a mo-fo under your eyes but are still after some coverage, I’d definitely recommend this concealer.

I don’t wear this on the daily, but for special occasions or when I want to look a bit more put together this is what I have been reaching for recently.

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick by kate moss in my nude

I don’t usually wear lipstick on the daily, but that has all changed with this lipstick.  This is actually the perfect nude for my skin tone.  It’s nothing super obvious, it just makes me look and feel put together. My lips but better, if you will.

I am so impressed by the quality of this lipstick at such an amazing price! It lasts amazingly well and feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips. Can’t recommend it enough, I will be buying up on the other shades in this collection.

Physicians formula butter bronzer in murumuru

It took us a very long time to get our hands on this bronzer. It is always out of stock on the Priceline website, so when we finally got it we were far too excited. Kathleen Lights (another of our YouTube loves) raves about this bronzer in every one of her drugstore favourites, and I can see why. It is a beautiful soft bronze. If you are medium-dark skintone, I don’t think this will work on you. But for me and my paler-than-snow skin it is the perfect everyday bronzer.

Oh and it smells like coconuts, so in this freezing Tassie winter I can pretend I’m on a tropical island and I’m okay with that.

innoxa thirsty skin day & night crème

I am so glad I picked this up when it was on sale on the Priceline website. It is amazing! It’s got the most unique consistency, somewhere between a cream and a gel, it almost feels like water. Whatever they have going on in here it works for my dry skin and I am loving it. Add a drop of facial oil in and it amps it up to 11. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out. My new favourite moisturiser? Might well be.

I’ll be doing a full Innoxa Skincare review soon! Keep an eye out.

colourpop super shock shadow in wattles

I won’t lie, I only bought this shadow because of Kathleen Lights. Like so many other of her recommendations this eye shadow did not disappoint.  I love wearing this by itself all over the lid and even through the crease, as my everyday look. It’s a beautiful satin shade, meaning it isn’t too shimmery but still has a pretty sheen.  I think this would work well with all eye colours! I have been complimented on it every time I’ve worn it. Big thumbs up.

Rimmel #insta fix & go 2 in 1 primer & setting spray

This was a last minute purchase when I realised I’d run out of my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and I had a ball the next day.  I use this throughout my makeup application to settle powders and afterwards as a setting spray.  I have a drier skin type and it works well for me, but I don’t think that oily skinned girls would enjoy this. Alcohol isn’t a main ingredient so it’s not going to be the best setting spray for oily skin but works fantastically to settle makeup into my dry skin.

keune care vital nutrition shampoo and conditioner

I was sent this about a month ago and have been using it ever since. My (normally dry and brittle) hair has been feeling increasingly hydrated and silky silky smooth. It is expensive but with how my hair has been looking and feeling using these products I do think I’ll be purchasing in the future.

smashbox step-by-step contour palette

This palette is a couple of years old and, if I’m honest, once I got the Kat Von D Shade & Light contour palette I definitely neglected this. However, having rediscovered it this month I’ve fallen in love with this formula and compact size. The shades work perfectly for my skin tone, but its a bit of a downer that they don’t have a range of shades for lighter and darker skintones. However, if you’re semi-pale like me (NC15-NC20 in MAC) then you will love this.


And that’s the lot! What products did you love in June? Let us know in the comments below so we can try them out too.

Stay Happy,




REVIEW: SuperStay 24hr Foundation and Concealer by Maybelline

Everybody and their dog is after foundation and concealer that will keep you looking fresh af from dawn til dusk (or dusk til dawn, if that’s how you roll), so when I came across the Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr foundation and concealer I had to see if this would end that search.  I’m not sure I’ve ever needed my makeup to last a full 24 hours but the idea that it could if I really wanted it to caught my eye.

Maybelline tells us that the foundation uses “micro-flex technology” (which is 100% a term they made) that helps the product to resist movement throughout the day and,  I would imagine they are implying, help it to last 24 hours.  So did they live up to my lofty expectations? Read on to find out.


I actually quite like the packaging! Whilst the hefty glass bottle of the foundation makes it impractical for travel, it looks sleek and feels of expensive quality. The foundation also comes with a pump, always a huge tick.  The concealer tube is neither here nor there, it’s fine.

As for the labels, something that irritates me about drugstore products is that the labels/writing often wear away from rattling around it my makeup bag or foundation draw.  I have had both of these for quite a while and the labels still look brand new! It’s something small, but I appreciate it.


This foundation will set you back AU$24.95 for 30mL, and the concealer AU$14.95 for 7.5mL which is by no means the cheapest drugstore foundation on the market.  It is still, however, a far cry from high-end or luxury foundation prices.


The finish is somewhere between matter and satin, I guess you could call it a “natural” finish, with medium but buildable coverage.  This means you can wear it for every day or amp it up for night time or big events. The concealer is leaning more towards full coverage.

However, this is where the product really lost points for me.  No matter how I applied this it left my skin looking heavy and cakey.

One application with a drop of oil (the best way I found to apply it…still not crazy about it)

The concealer in particular left my under-eyes looking really seriously atrocious.  And it got worse over time! Even when I thought I’d thinned it out with some facial oil and it looked okay initally, it somehow ended up looking like a dry, creased and cakey mess a few hours later.  I was always desperate to take it off when I looked in a mirror and regretted wearing it every single time.

The foundation was pretty similar. Whilst the finish was improved by adding a drop of facial oil, it still looked cakey after a few hours wear.  I tried applying it with my hands, with a beauty sponge, with a brush, with and without a drop of oil, with a finishing spray and without; no matter what I did it just didn’t sit well on my skin.

I do have dry-combination skin, so this may have played a part in this.  If you have oily skin this may work in your favour!

With a full face of makeup – no setting powder as that makes it cake up even more


The concealer really did last all day long without any movement or diminishing in coverage.  However, as I mentioned for every single one of those hours, it looked cakey and hideous and I was desperate to get home and take it off.  I particularly remember looking in the mirror after work one day and being mortified that I had been walking around looking like a pale, old lady all day.  The creasing was the worst I have ever experienced.

The foundation didn’t last as well as the concealer, but it also wasn’t as cakey as the concealer.  Which says more about how shockingly cakey the concealer was than the finish of the foundation, because it was still pretty heavy.  It ended up leaving my skin looking dull and unhealthy, which is the total opposite of what I was hoping to get from this “24hr fresh look” foundation.

the verdict

Huge, massive thumbs down from me.  I have honestly been avoiding doing this review because I don’t want to put this foundation back on my skin for photos. I just can’t even.  This may be the worst foundation and concealer I have ever used.  I know that sounds super negative and dramatic but that’s how shitty I looked at the end of the day when I wore these. I would honestly prefer my makeup to fade than leave me looking like a cake face as this did.

If you have oily skin, perhaps this won’t be an issue for you. But honestly, I wouldn’t risk it.


Have you tried these products? What were your thoughts? Can you recommend any other long-wearing foundations?

Stay beautiful, N x




Easy and Affordable Everyday Fall Makeup Look

So, we’ve been in denial, but it is officially Autumn for the southern hemisphere population.  As usual, summer flew by and already Autumn is crawling by at snail’s pace. However, Autumn brings with it the permission to don those gorgeous fall colours that we all love and just don’t seem appropriate in the summer sunshine (but, by all means, you do you! Ain’t no seasonal changes gonna tell you how to do your makeup!).

To kickstart (a month in) our fall makeup for the year, we’ve put together an autumnal makeup look that is perfect for everyday but still pretty enough to wear on a date, or out to dinner, or wherever your fall activities take you!


Of extra importance as the weather starts to cool, is skin prep.  The cold weather dries skin out, so make sure you start with a great hydrating moisturiser to ensure the makeup sits of the skin nicely.

I’m using a particularly luminous foundation, which aren’t notorious for the staying power, so to make sure my foundation lasts me all day, I’m priming with the Rimmel Stay Matte primer.  For foundation I’m using an old favourite, the L’Oreal Lumi Magique liquid foundation in the shade N1.  This combination of primer and foundation leaves you with a natural glow, but ensures you won’t end up in oil-slick territory.

Onto concealer, where I’m branching out and trying a new product! The Models Prefer Argan Infusion concealer in the shade light.  This is my first time using this product but so far I am really impressed; hydrating and medium coverage, keep your eyes peeled for a review.

To set my t-zone I’m using one of my new favourite translucent powders, the Australis Ready, Set, Go finishing powder.  This reminds me so much of the Tarte Smooth Operater finishing powder, and for a fraction of the price.  Just a light dusting sets my makeup without making me look cakey.


For brows I’m using the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in brunette.  I’m not sure this is worth the “as good at the Anastasia Brow Wizz” hype that it gets, but it is still a brilliant brow pencil.

In Autumn I like my brows to be bold (tbh, I like my brows to be bold in all the other seasons too, but…) to balance out the darker fall colours.


This look is making use of a great afforable makeup pallete, the BH Cosmetics X Ashley Tisdale Illuminate Face & Eye Palette in Beach Goddess.  For the incredibly low price (even including shipping to Australia) this pallete is fantastic quality and value! Highly recommend if you’re after an all-in-one palette but don’t feel like forking out for high-end alternatives.  We’ll do a review soon!

We warmed up with face using the bronzer Seychelles, blushed using Bermuda and highlighted – BH highlights are amaze! – using St. Lucia.  This combo gives you a natural english-rose-that-got-a-bit-of-sun (an Australian rose, if you will) look that I love.


Using the same BH Cosmetics Palette, to set my eye and cover any veins I used Cabo.
The only thing this palette is missing is a transition shade for my skintone, but luckily the bronzer (Seychelles) works really well! I worked this in just above my crease, making sure to blend really well.  Just below that, right in the crease (as well as along my lower lash line) I used Aruba to create definition.  Again blend, blend, blend; that’s the key to this look being natural enough to wear on the daily.

In the outer corner, and down onto the outer third of my lower eyelid, I blended Barbados to create depth and the illusion of bigger cat-like eyes.  A dash of Bora Bora on the inner corner for a bit of bling, and Tahiti along the brow bone to highlight and also clean up all the blending I’d done.

For Lashes I used an old fave, the I <3 Extreme Volume waterproof mascara by Essence (see my full review here).  The waterproof aspect of this mascara makes it perfect for daytime, especially in fall when you never know what the weather is going to bring!


My favourite part of fall are the lip colours, they honestly make my heart skip a beat! For every day I like to use a dark dusty pink colour, for this look I used the Maybelline Color Drama lipstick pencil in the shade 630 Nude Perfection.  It really is… “nude perfection”.

And that’s the finished look! What do you think? What are your favourite products and looks for fall?

Stay beautiful, N x




MASCARA MARCH – Lash Sensational Washable Mascara by Maybelline

Washable? What does that mean? I have scoured the internet trying to find out what on earth Maybelline means when they call this mascara ‘washable’, I found nadda. If you are clued in on this mystery please please please let me know what a washable mascara entails!  Anyway, we are going to ignore that tiny detail for now and get on with the review of Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline.

Every blogger and their dog has been singing from the rooftops about there love of this mascara, so does it live up to the hype?

VOLUME: Not bad! Not bad at all.  Not as great at The Colossal Leather Black mascara by Maybelline, but still pretty bloody great. It’s a natural volume that can work on a every day basis or into a darker night-time look (unlike the colossal mascara which jumps straight to the latter). This is definitely going to become a staple for me.

LENGTH: For me this is where this mascara delivers, it adds some serious length. The major selling point of this mascara is the special fanning brush which supposedly has ten layers of bristles to help give your lashes a “full fan effect”.  My long, thin lashes easily clump up with lengthening mascaras, but not with this bad boy. Very impressed!

RECOMMEND?: Definitely! I can see why everyone is so impressed by this mascara, it is high-end quality, and for only AU$21.95.  That price is by no means super cheap, but it is still well below the price of high-end mascaras that do exactly the same job (I’m looking at you Benefit Roller Lash).

Have you tried any other Maybelline mascaras? What were your thoughts? Let me know in comments!

Stay beautiful, N x

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