Mini Lush Haul


I had always heard people rave about Lush. YouTube is filled with people describing the amazing qualities of their bath bombs and the scent of their new Lush Hand cream but I never thought it was worth so much money for one bath’s worth of bomb.

About a month ago I was having a lazy day and had gone in to the city to have a look around for a dress to wear to my best friend’s 21st . I wandered past Lush and decided to go and smell their bath bombs and hand creams for myself.

It turns out that their bath bombs DO smell absolutely incredible (but I’m still not convinced that I need to fork out so much money for a one-time thing.). I instead picked up a few of their other items that I didn’t even know they had.

Rub Rub Rub is a sea salt shower scrub that you can use all over your body. I have quite dry skin and some scrubs can aggravate this even more and give me eczema on my inner elbow (or whatever its called). Rub Rub Rub has been a life saver! It’s harsh enough to take off the dead skin and leave you with a silky layer of amazingness, but not so rough that it leaves you feeling red raw. I’ve used my tub all up and will definitely be re-purchasing it ASAP!

Eau Roma Water toner water is a toning mist that is amazing for dry skin. They had five different toner options when I was there and the girl said that this one was best suited to dry skin. Boy howdy was she right. It has rose water in it to brighten and soften the skin and lavender to help keep it supple. I spray it all over my face before I moisturize my skin morning and night, and I have noticed a massive difference in how moisturized my skin feels! I also use it as a refresher during the day if I’m feeling tired or worn out; the rose smell is so calming and the mist is super soothing.

The Olive Branch shower gel is a moisturising shower gel with olive oil to keep skin moisturized. This has been another hit as it keeps my skin super soft and nourished even if I forget to moisturize after I shower. There’s not too much else to say about this one. Definitely pick it up if you like to be clean and soft.

I have been looking for a powder dry shampoo for ages but could never find one in our local shops. For some reason spray dry shampoos just don’t work on my hair and they leave it looking dry and broken. So when I saw the No Drought dry shampoo in Lush I put it straight in my basket! No drought didn’t disappoint! This is the best dry shampoo to chuck on in the morning without having to worry about drying out your hair too much. I also use this off a night all over my hair if it’s a particularly oily mess and chuck my hair in a bun so that, by morning, my hair is looking super luscious and ready for another day.


All in all I have been very impressed by the quality of my first Lush products (and they didn’t break my budget). I am keen to know what I should buy next! What do you think? Do you have a favorite Lush product?

-M x