Juice Cleanse – Day 1

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Day 1:

Well, if I’m honest there hasn’t been much to report so far. I’ve been drinking my juices up and have really enjoyed each of the ones I have tried! My favourite so far has been the gold juice because it is really refreshing and sweet! I haven’t tried the green juice yet but will definitely give that one a go tomorrow.


I’m feeling a bit tired but am not sure if that’s from my lack of solid food or lack of sleep over the weekend (probably both).


It’s actually been pretty convenient doing this cleanse as I made my juices this morning and took them in drink bottles to uni today so I only had to shake them up and have them at the two hour intervals.


My tummy has been rumbling quite a bit but that’s pretty normal for me so I’ll update you on the rumbling frequency tomorrow.


So far, so good. No miraculous weight loss experiences to report yet but I’m feeling a bit healthier (placebo maybe?).


Until tomorrow, drink up!


-M x