Juice cleanse – Finale

end of cleanse photo top




Three days post juice cleanse and I’m feeling good! The third day was a lot easier than the two before it and I finished on a high!


I’ve slowly been adding healthy solid foods back in to my diet (that muffin was healthy right?) and have been feeling really good! I cooked a chicken and veggie stir fry on Friday and have had that for my dinners and lunches at work over the weekend, which has been handy, healthy, and super yummy!


I didn’t lose any weight doing the cleanse but I do feel a lot better. I was feeling pretty run down before hand with uni and work and just feel a lot more lively. I have actually been having the red juice for breakfast every morning and find now that I am full a lot quicker than I was before. YAY!


So, the question that everyone has been asking… Would I recommend the juice cleanse? ABSOLUTELY! I was in such a slump with food before I did the cleanse and now I feel a lot better and ready to start eating healthy (apart from that muffin- sorry)! I would recommend the juice cleanse to anyone who wants to train their body to start liking healthy foods so it isn’t so hard to eat them anymore and to anyone who is keen to kickstart a healthy stage.


Yes, I know, it’s only been three days since I finished but I can honestly say that I feel the best I have in months!


What are you waiting for?! Get juicing!


-M x