Let’s get physical!


I’ve always loved sport. Exercise, on the other hand, not so much. I don’t know why but it’s always easier to exercise whilst playing a team sport and having fun. As soon as you put me in a gym it seems A LOT harder and I lose about 80% of my enthusiasm (ok, 100%).

Every new-year begins with a massive amount of excitement to start my new health kick and become the bikini babe that I’m sure is lurking somewhere within.   By January 2nd that excitement is gone and I’m back to my daily routine of eating chocolate covered raspberries on the couch (I mean come on people… they are edible heaven!).

I’ve done all the diets; cut out lollies, chips and chocolate, the Atkins diet, the soup diet, the juice cleanse, the Wii fitness/diet program, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the 5-2 diet. You name it, I’ve tried it but every time I feel tired and unenthusiastic by the end and put all of the weight I’ve lost, and then some, back on within a week.

So I convinced my sister to make a blog with me to help me stick to a healthier lifestyle. Not a diet. A LIFESTYLE. I figured what better way to make me stick to this than to put it on the Internet so people will know if I don’t go through with it, right?

This change isn’t about cutting out all of the foods I love (i.e. all food) or running 10km every day. This is about slowly starting to eat right and learn what exercise works for me.   I will track my weight loss and everything, but that won’t be the focus of this change. The focus is feeling healthier, stronger and better about myself. Hopefully this will help some of you too and we can work together to become healthier from the inside out.

Cue Eye of the Tiger and an inspirational montage. 

-M x