Goodness Skincare Review

I’m always keen to try out new brands and products and a total sucker for a sale; if something is on sale my chances of buying it increase 10 fold, whether I need it or not becomes irrelevant. So when I spotted Goodness The Beauty Lab skincare range on sale at Chemist Warehouse I, of course, bought a bunch of their products. I am now on the last legs of each of those purchases, so keep reading if you’re keen to hear my thoughts.


A little side note: Goodness is a New Zealand based company focused on using the ingredient’s mother nature has given us to create great, affordable skincare Check out their website if you want to know more about this great little company! .

Every Morning Moisturiser

Photo(3)Finding a moisturiser that is both effective and natural is a pretty hard task. More often than not, by taking out all of those unpronounceable ingredients, something is taken away from the quality. Goodness have done a really great job at combating this! Ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, and hibiscus and bilberry extracts have created a great moisturiser that works well for daily use on most skin types!

I have combination skin, leaning towards the dry side at this time of year and this products has worked really well on my skin. I have had to pop a drop or two of the Goodness chia seed oil in on particularly dry days, but to be honest I like to do that anyway to give my skin a little extra glow. Because of this I proably wouldn’t recommend it for the dry skinned gals out there, but if you’re oily/combination and looking for an effective yet light weight product then give this a go!

Chia Seed Oil

Photo(2)I had really high hopes for this product. I am a huge fan of facial oils, particularly rosehip oil, so when I saw this on the shelf and read the apparent benefits I was hoping to be blown away by my new discovery. Unfortunately I was not.

It boasts excellent hydrating qualities, and that was something I just didn’t see in practice. Other facial oils have given instant results for both hydration and the overall appearance of my skin, and the chia seed oil did neither of these things. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought that perhaps it might just take extended use to see results, but after a whole bottle I was just not impressed. My skin was looking dull and less nourished that before I started using the product. I have since swapped back to other oils in combination with other Goodness products, and have already seen a great improvement.

Sorry guys, chia seed oil (in my opinion) is not the new black. Big thumbs down from me. If you don’t believe me you can try it for yourself:

Every Evening Cream

PhotoThere are not too many things in life that I enjoy more than a good night cream. Lathering on a gorgeous moisturiser all over a tired face after a long day is on of my very favourite feelings. I have always been pretty loyal to my Sukin night cream, always gravitating back after trying other products, but I do believe it may have met its match!

The Goodness night cream is amazeballs. It feels truly luscious on the skin, a little bit goes a long way (something I have found with all their products) and leaves the skin feeling super hydrated without feeling oily. Chia seed oil, coconut oil, avocado and honeysuckle flower extract combine to create a truly sumptuous product and really packs a punch on tired skin. It is even slightly more creamy and hydrating than my old Sukin fave.

If I’m going to nit-pick, the only thing that perhaps has it in second place to the Sukin alternative is the price tag, at $13.69 for 60mL vs. $13.69 for 120mL (all prices from Chemist Warehouse). Other than that I am a huge fan of this night cream!


Have you tried any of the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab range? What are your thoughts?

-N x