Spring Nail Polish Faves 2015

For the southern hemisphere at least, spring is here! With it comes the sunshine, blossoms, cute baby animals, and short sleeved t-shirts we’ve been daydreaming about all winter. With our change in clothing and makeup it only seems appropriate that our hands get-in on the makeover too! So, without further ado, here are my top 5 picks for spring nail polishes! Perfect for welcoming in that springtime sun:


Strawberry Margarita | OPI








I’ll admit, this is one of my favourite colours no matter the season, but spring is when Strawberry Margarita really comes into its own. This is the perfect pink. It’s bright enough for the sunny weather but not too over-the-top that you feel like 80s Barbie. Best of all it suits all skin tones! I’m as pale as they come and it still doesn’t wash me out. On the other hand, it also really compliments darker skin tones and enhances any tan you might be getting from the added sun exposure at this time of year. This nail polish is definitely a sound investment! Get it in your life.


Lilac | Matte It! by Sportsgirl

IMG_0242_2 IMG_0248_2







The Matte It! range by Sportsgirl are all cool and different! As the name suggests, it goes on looking like your regular nail polish and then dries to a beautiful matte. It’s a bit trippy but the results are really fun! Lilac is my favourite of the range as it’s a bit deeper than the lighter pastel purples and lavenders that most brands put out at this time of year, whilst still remaining soft enough for spring.

Unfortunately I think these polishes were limited edition, but here is a similar shade!


Heavenly Girl | p2 Cosmetics

IMG_0243_2 IMG_0249_2







Blue nail polishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know. I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant the first time I sported the colour, but I’m so glad I did. There are some gorgeous blue shades out there for all times of year, and p2’s Heavenly Girl is just perfect for spring. It’s the colour of the blue springtime sky and will have you dreaming of lying on the grass and watching the clouds float by. Give it a go, you’ll be so glad you branched out!

I can’t find a link to the p2 polish, but here is a similar share from China Glaze.

Passion | OPI

IMG_0241_2 IMG_0247_2







When in doubt, go nude. For nail polish at least! In other areas of life that is probably terrible advice. Keep your clothes on people, let your nails do the talking. Passion is a gorgeous pink-based nude, or perhaps a nude-based pale pink…I’m not sure, but whatever it is it’s completely stunning. With one layer it’s a beautiful sheer hint of pink, but built up it becomes a chic nude colour that will perfectly compliment the soft colours of spring.


Trout Pout | Butter London

IMG_0239_2 IMG_0245_2







I couldn’t mention spring without mentioning coral. Spring has us whipping out coral makeup, coral clothing, coral jewellery…everything is coral. So, to accompany this trend, and to enhance any tan you might be slowly building in the recently returned sunshine, I present to you Trout Pout. With my ruddy skin tone, I generally cannot pull off coral, but somehow Butter London has managed to develop a colour that suits even me! They describe it as a ‘opaque cantaloupe’ and I think that pretty much nails it (excuse the pun ;-P). It’s gorgeous. You will love it.

I hope you’re enjoying the spring sunshine lovelies! What are your favourite nail colours for Spring?

Be happy, N x