Birthday Makeup Look

Another year has gone by and so arrives another birthday! I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m getting to the point in my life where I’d quite like to skip this birthday and press pause on the aging process for a little while. Alas! ‘tis not possible (trust me, I tried), and so I decided to give in and celebrate yet another year of my life.


Celebrations call for fun makeup looks! Generally, as a rule, I don’t like to try new looks/techniques/products on special occasions. You never know how its going to go, it could be a flat our disaster and then you’re left stressed and feeling less than perfect. Not how you should be feeling on your birthday! But with age (apparently) comes some courage! So this year M and I decided to try out a few new looks, products and techniques to achieve the makeup look for my birthday night out. I know, we’re crazy brave.


For a while now we have been meaning to try the eye-taping technique, where you use a piece of sticky tape to mark out a sharp line for your eyeshadow/eyeliner. My birthday was the day.


It worked really well! I recommend doing your foundation post-eyemakeup if you’re using this technique as the tape strips off quite a bit of coverage. However, all in all, I get the hype.  It left a clean sharp line and ensured there wasn’t any shadowy fallout on the temple that can leave it looking dirty. I chose to soften it slightly with a blending brush but the look was still much more clean cut. I’ll definitely be using this technique again!

The star of the show were the eyes. We used a combination of our new Tarte Tartlette Amazonion Clay Matte Eyeshadow palette and the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. We haven’t used either of these palettes much but they both really brought their A-game. I created a brown/golden eye that looked seriously amaze. Still so in love with the finished look.


Tarte Tartlette Palette

From the Tartlette palette I used the shade ‘free spirit’ as a base to set the primer and then the shade ‘force of nature’ in the crease to give the eye a bit more dimension.  The shade ‘dreamer’ was used to carve out the outer v and create the almost wing-like edge (thanks to the tape!).


Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

The combination of the two golden shades from Vice 3 (‘brokedown’ and ‘lucky’) made my heart skip a beat.  The pigmentation was insane and it stayed that way. Well done Urban Decay, well done.


The rest of the face I kept pretty simple. For foundation I used my new Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid MakeupThis was the first time I had ever worn this foundation and I was pretty impressed! My skin has been beyond dry lately (painfully so) and this foundation adapted to the landscape rather well.  A dash of Benefit’s Hervana on the apples of the cheeks and their Dallas bronzer for carve out dem cheekbones. To highlight (my absolute favourite part of any look!) I used a combination of MAC’s cream colour base in the shade ‘hush’ and mineralise skinfinish in the shade ‘soft and gentle’. On my lips I used my brand new (M gave it to my for my birthday, she’s the best!) Tom Ford lip colour in the shade ‘pink dusk’. The finishing touch was the Katy Perry Feline Fierce Lashes by Eyelure, which really brought together the rest of the eye look!

All in all I’m really happy with the finished look. Keeping the rest of the face simple allowed the eye look to really pop! I felt glam whilst not looking too over-done for a Thursday night.

It was fun. Birthdays are fun. Having said that…I’m in no rush for he next one to come rolling around haha


Until next time, stay happy!
N x