Empties June 2016


Hair Care

NKD Hair Mask – Citrus


This mask gives me life. The citrus scent isn’t my favourite smell in the world, but it’s by no means bad. Other than that I am a huge fan! It makes my hair so soft and saved my locks throughout summer. I have been giving this as gifts this year and people love it. I am super keen to try the newer vanilla scent, yuuumm!

Repurchase? Definitely.


Toni&Guy Dry Shampoo – Cleanse


First of all, this packaging is just so sleek and elegant. I’m not gonna lie, that is 99% of the reason I chose to buy this brand, it looks so good in my bathroom. As for the actual product… I liked it, I just didn’t love it. It claims to “create second day volume and freshness”, and it did make my hair feel slightly cleaner, but nowhere near as much as other brands. It gave me a little volume, but again, nowhere near as much as other brands. The scent was not great, I got used to it eventually but initially I was really hating on the smell, and it stuck around all day. What I did love was the lack of that dry-shampoo-white-streak that you get with other brands when you first apply it. This baby did not have that issue.

Repurchase? Probably not.


Skin care

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic


My mum actually bought this toner, and decided she didn’t like it pretty early in the piece and so gave it to me (gotta love that). I really liked this toner! As somebody who has traditionally skipped that step I was pleasantly surprised by the difference this made. It smells lovely (like cucumbers) and really added some hydration to my skincare routine. Is it worth the AU$48? I’m not sure. I have since replaced it with other cheaper hydrating toners and I feel they are doing a similar job for far less money.

Repurchase? If I win the lottery.


Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion


Again, my mum gave me this after she decided she didn’t like it. It is another toner-esque product that you use post-cleanse and pre-moisturise. This baby will set you back a whopping AU$66, and I just don’t think it’s worth it. Did it hydrate my skin? Yes. Did it do it so much more than cheaper alternatives that I’m willing to sell my first born to purchase it? Not even close. I expected it to blow my mind and completely repair my dry skin. It didn’t.

Repurchase? Nope.


Michael Todd True Organics Cranberry Antiox Toner


I LOVE this toner. This is the trial size but I have had the full size in the past. I have really loved all of the Michael Todd toners I have tried to be honest, it’s such a great brand, and so affordable for the quality and size of the product. This one is particularly great for dry or mature skin types. I like to use it in winter when my skin is struggling in the hydration department or when I am travelling.

Repurchase? For sure.

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream


I have reviewed this night cream before (see here) and I will love it until the day I die. Whenever I branch out and try another night cream I always seem to come crawling back to my first love. Even those products that match up in effectiveness don’t match up in price. So affordable and so good. I can’t recommend this enough.

Repurchase? Forever and always.


Moreish Euphoria Cream Cleanser


I have recently done a review on a few of the Moreish skincare range (see here). As I said in that post, I liked this, but it just didn’t make me swoon.

Repurchase? Doubtful.


Moreish Liquid Gold Argan Oil


I have recently done a review on a few of the Moreish skincare range (see here). As I said in that post, for my dry winter skin, this bad boy is my saviour. I was pleasantly surprised.

Repurchase? Yes.



Reach Techniques Stippling Brush


I realise that this isn’t technically an ‘empty’, but it’s ready to be thrown out, and for that reason I have included it. I love Real Techniques, I think their products are fabulous and at reasonable prices. We have been using them for years and for the most part they have lasted fantastically, with the exception of this little fella. All of a sudden, for no reason, the hairs just started coming out all over the place. We’ve treated it the same as all of the others, so…yeah, a bit disappointing.

Repurchase? If needed.


MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation


We’ve have mentioned this in several favourites and must-have posts. It is my go-to on days when I just can’t decide what level of coverage I want or when my skin doesn’t love life. It’s perfect for natural days or beautifully buildable for a little more coverage. Big thumbs up from us!

Repurchase? I already had a backup in the cupboard.


Covergirl + Olay Serum Primer


I picked this up when I was looking for a hydrating primer and it really came through. It was slightly more expensive for a drugstore product but I think it was worth it. Really helped to moisturise my skin to create a great base for my foundation.

Repurchase? For sure.


The Body Shop Moisturise It Skin Primer


In general, I really love The Body Shop primers. They do exactly what it says on the bottle! And this one is no exception. This baby moisturises my skin and leaves it supple and hydrated ready for the rest of my makeup. Definitely recommend it for dry-skinned gals.

Repurchase? Definitely.


The Body Shop Matte It Skin Primer


As I said, I love body shop primers. Whilst my skin is mostly dry, it is also sometimes combination, especially in my t-zone. In summer, my t-zone can freak out and become an oil slick. A bit of this primer in those oily areas and my makeup lasts longer than it does otherwise. I also love it in winter for nights out as it extends the wear of my foundation.

Repurchase? Yes.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer


I purchased this in the middle of winter, hoping it would moisturise my skin and help ease the appearance of those small lines that dry skin + makeup seem to bring about. It hydrated, but it also left my skin feeling greasy and my makeup seemed to slip right off it, which is not anybody’s goal! It also made my skin breakout. Not winning on any fronts.

Repurchase? Hell no.


Chi Chi Fabulous and Flawless Foundation


This was an early love of mine, and every time I come back to it I have a “omg this foundation really is just as great as I remember it being!”. Great coverage whilst also leaving a natural appearance, hydrating but not oily and it lasts all day. And so affordable! Love it.

Repurchase? Definitely.

What products have you used up lately? Let me know in the comments below – N x