Juice cleanse – Finale

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Three days post juice cleanse and I’m feeling good! The third day was a lot easier than the two before it and I finished on a high!


I’ve slowly been adding healthy solid foods back in to my diet (that muffin was healthy right?) and have been feeling really good! I cooked a chicken and veggie stir fry on Friday and have had that for my dinners and lunches at work over the weekend, which has been handy, healthy, and super yummy!


I didn’t lose any weight doing the cleanse but I do feel a lot better. I was feeling pretty run down before hand with uni and work and just feel a lot more lively. I have actually been having the red juice for breakfast every morning and find now that I am full a lot quicker than I was before. YAY!


So, the question that everyone has been asking… Would I recommend the juice cleanse? ABSOLUTELY! I was in such a slump with food before I did the cleanse and now I feel a lot better and ready to start eating healthy (apart from that muffin- sorry)! I would recommend the juice cleanse to anyone who wants to train their body to start liking healthy foods so it isn’t so hard to eat them anymore and to anyone who is keen to kickstart a healthy stage.


Yes, I know, it’s only been three days since I finished but I can honestly say that I feel the best I have in months!


What are you waiting for?! Get juicing!


-M x

Chi Chi Cosmetics Review

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Bronzes Eyeshadow Palette

Maddy gave me this as a gift when I was having a rough week (lovely sister? Yes indeedy). I had been drooling over her Naked 3 palette but unwilling to spend the money to get one of my own. Whilst not exactly the same colour range as the Urban Decay palette, the Chi Chi Bronzes palette is amazing! The price tag is tiny compared to the Naked 3, but the quality is almost the same. The eyeshadows are so buttery and pigmented and the colours are incredible, ranging from dark browns and coppers to lighter opals; Perfect for coming into spring.


They have a whole range of different coloured palettes in the Glamorous Eyes range, all of which I am keen to try out. I definitely recommend giving them a go if you’re I the market for high-quality eyeshadows but don’t want to spend high-end prices.

Masterpiece Eyeshadow Palette


I also have the Masterpiece palette, a limited edition item. I am not as crazy about this palette as the others in their range. The eyeshadows themselves are (mostly) still lovely and buttery; the smaller eyeshadows in the pack haven’t kept their quality as well in the smaller size. There is also a lot of excess packaging, a lot. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s something I do take into consideration.  I still adore all the colours in the palette, the brighter blues and purples are amazeballs.


Fabulous & Flawless Foundation

I was in the market for a medium-full coverage foundation for quite a while. I adore my Mac Face & Body for everyday wear, but sometimes I feel like something with a little more polished and glam – especially on those weeks where my skin is being a total pain in the bum.

Mac’s studio fix fluid was lovely if not slightly too much coverage and also a little more than I was willing to spend; foundations can feel great in the shop and then the next time you use it you’re like “what was I thinking this is awful!”. After much Googling and YouTubeing of reviews, I finally decided to try our ChiChi’s Fabulous and Flawless foundation in the shade 1. This shade is for fair skin with yellow undertones; there are descriptions like this for all 10 shades which I love! I was pretty skeptical that I would get a nice finish from such a cheap foundation, but oh. My. God. I love love love this stuff. It’s medium coverage and yet buildable if need be. The colour is perfect. The finish is demi-matte (my favourite) meaning I can look refined and matte or youthful and dewy, depending on my mood. This is my new favourite foundation; I wear it almost every day. Massive thumbs-up for this product, especially for the price! 10/10.



I finally branched out from my black and brown eyeliners; beautiful purples and blues! As with the Masterpiece eyeshadow palette, these are from a limited edition collection. (Colours are ‘Space Cadet’ and ‘Boogie Nights’.)


Maddy and I have differing opinions on these eyeliners. If you’re a fan of a creamy eyeliner that is easily smudged, these are not for you. They are quite dry, but the pigmentation (particularly on the ‘Space Cadet’ blue) is great! They add a great pop of colour to your eye look without being too in-you-face-woah-I’m-wearing-coloured-eyeliner.  They aren’t fantastic but I am still keen to try out other Chi Chi eyeliners. Definitely a great way to introduced bolder eyeliner colours into your regime.


Bronze Diva Bronzer

This is a lovely gentle highlighting bronzer; something that I have been wanting for a while. I have a body shop bronzer that I love love love, and I have been looking for something to match it. This bronzer might just do it.


The colours blend to make a lovely opal bronze with a light but buildable coverage; just enough to give you a natural bronzed glow. It’s perfect for everyday wear or as a highlighter for a darker nighttime look. I’m really happy with this product!

For the most part, Chi Chi’s products are great bang for you buck. They don’t skimp on quality whilst keeping the prices low. That’s my kind of make-up.


– N x

Juice Cleanse – Day 2

day 2 jugs

day 2 fruit

It’s day two and I’m feeling it. I started today off with an exam, then headed straight to work before heading back to uni and my juices just didn’t seem to do enough. I’m feeling tired and bored of drinking all day but I did pass my exam so it hasn’t been all-bad!


I tried the red and green juices today and have to say, I think they are my favourites! I think I’ll definitely be making them for tomorrow so I finish on a strong/super yummy note.


Bring on tomorrow (actually bring on Thursday and solid foods)!


Stay strong troops! Remember, in the words of Troy Bolton, “We’re all in this together!”


-M x


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