Sukin Skincare Review


Earlier this year life got stressful, and my skin just could not deal; it just full-on lost the plot and there were breakouts galore of every variety. Every time one breakout started to clear a whole new problem would arise. Desperate to fix this, I decided to join many, many other beauty bloggers out there and try out rose hip oil. Priceline had a big sale on Sukin products, so whilst I was there I took the opportunity to give my whole skincare regime an overhaul and bought several other products.

Sukin is a great Australian company that develops environmentally conscious and natural personal care products. If you’re interested in cutting out some of those unpronounceable ingredients from your skincare regime, or are just looking to try something new, then keep reading to see my top four favourite Sukin products.

Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream


I have now re-purchased this day cream 5 times, and I imagine I will continue to do so for a very long time yet. It’s fantastic! My skin just doesn’t feel quite right if I don’t use this product in the morning.

I have a combination skin type, probably leaning towards the oily side of things, and this moisturiser is wonderful. I use it on it’s own, but I prefer to give it a boost with a drop or two of rose hip oil to really give my skin a moisture hit. Other moisturisers have left me feeling a bit dry by the end of the day, but this baby keeps me going well into the night. It does everything I need my moisturiser to do, without clogging my pores or leaving an oily residue, something I hate with a passion! Well done, Sukin, well done.

For those of you out there with dry skin, both M and my bestie (two dry skinned gals) have found that this cream just didn’t do enough for them.


Moisture Restoring Night Cream



If you need a new night cream, or even if you don’t, get in the car immediately and get to your nearest Sukin stockist because you need this product in your life.

Its consistency is so omg-this-is-so-heavenly-on-my-skin-i-might-die that I almost want to start my whole night time skin care regime all over again just so I can repeat this step.

I use this night cream both on its own or after applying rose hip oil, and both ways it works wonders. My skin is glowing the next morning, and who doesn’t love waking up with a stunning complexion? Nobody, that’s who.

Get this. Like, now. You’ll be glad you did.


Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil


You’ve probably heard of the wondrous super-product that is rose hip oil by now, but if you haven’t listen up. This stuff is incredible! This is the product I put down as saving my skin from the disaster-stage that was early 2014, it transformed my dull, dry-as-the-desert-in-some-areas-an-oily-mess-in-others skin in just days! Anyone that sticks around long enough will hear we raving about how much I love rose hip oil. Both M and I use it daily, and we’ve been converting friends and family along the way. Our mum recently jumped on the bandwagon and almost instantly started getting compliments on her complexion.

One of my closest friends found it made her very sensitive skin break out, so just be aware it may not be aware.

But if it does work for you, you are in for some amazing changes! Add rose hip oil to your skincare routine for some amazing results. Get ready for compliments, ladies!
(I’ll be doing a full post of different rose hip oils soon, so keep an eye out!)


Antioxidant Eye Serum

Post Ideas_FotorEYESERUM

I’m going to be honest, I did not see quick results from this product. I’ve used other eye creams and serums that have given me visible results relatively quickly, and this one just wasn’t doing that. I was just about ready to give up on it and swap back to a chemical-filled quick-results eye cream, when this bad boy started doing its thang. And it’s amazing.

This eye serum is somehow both incredibly creamy and super lightweight at the same time. I don’t know how it does that but it is awesome. I plan on having the eyes of a 25 year old until I am 90, and I think this product is going to help me along with that goal without all the harsh ingredients of other brands. Endless youth come at me.

Big thumbs up from me!


Have you tried any other Sukin products? Comment below with suggestions for what I should try next.

-N x