DIY Christmas Hamper

Christmas is the time for food, family and gifts and we think we’ve found the perfect way of combing all three! There is nothing like giving a homemade gift so this year we decided to make a few big, homemade hampers to give to some of our loved ones this jolly season!


Although we do love a good sugar/salt scrub we went with the edible hamper route this year (let’s be honest, it’s much more fun eating left over chocolate than lemon sugar). We grabbed a few recipes from and are pretty happy with how our hamper turned out! We might even keep one for ourselves to enjoy after the Christmas season. Here’s what we filled our hampers with:


Spiced Banana Chutney


We know, we know, what is banana chutney?! We though the same thing but thought we’d give it a go anyway and boy howdy are we glad we did! We had a tiny glass left over of it and it was gobbled up within the hour! This is one of the nicest chutneys we have ever tried and we’re pretty chuffed with the end result! It was deceptively simple (considering we could make it), tastes like a heavenly elixir and last 6 weeks in their jars (before opened) so you can make it in advance before the Christmas rush!

If you’re in Australia, the recipe is in the December issue of magazine.

Chocolate Bark


Chocolate bark is basically melted chocolate with yummy things on top so you can’t go wrong! We made our bark with dark, milk and white chocolate with three different toppings that are to die for! We still can’t decided which is our favourite and sadly they are all wrapped up and ready to give away so we don’t have any more left to munch on.

If you’re in Australia, the recipe is in the December issue of magazine.

Brownies in a Jar


This is quite possibly the easiest, yet most effective gift ever. You basically pop all the dry ingredients of your favourite brownies or cookies in a jar, stick the directions on a label and you’re done! They look super cool with the ingredients piled on top of each other plus, if you’re lucky, your friend might ask you over to eat the finished product.

Here’s the recipe we used,

Choc-Chip Cookies


Everybody, yes everybody, likes chocolate chip cookies.  So you know these are a definite winner in your DIY Christmas hamper. As an added bonus, they are super easy to make! Whip up a batch, pop them in a cute little bag/box and Bob’s your uncle. This item will be lucky to make it to boxing day.

We used this simple and delicious recipe from Donna Hay.

Et voila! A thoughtful and yummy DIY Christmas hamper.

We went to our local reject shop and picked up a pack of jar toppers and tags for $2 to make our goodies look a little more appealing, popped them in a basket and they are sitting in our study waiting for Christmas time!


Happy Cooking, N & M xx