Milk & Co. First Impressions & Review


Any skincare brand of Australian heritage that was developed by a Balinese princess and Michael Klim is already half way to having me thoroughly intrigued and impressed. Being a keen swimmer when I was younger, Klimmy (an Australian swimming legend) was somewhat of an idol to me. His stunning wife, Lindy, is a Balinese princess/model. Princesses are awesome, enough said.

When I came across a sale on Milk & Co. products I used it as an opportunity to grab a couple of items for myself (pretty keen to have the glorious skin of a Balinese princess tbh), as well as a couple for my dad for Fathers’ Day (cause let’s face it, dad isn’t going to buy skincare on his own). I have been using them on and off for a couple of months now, and here I am to let you know my thoughts so far.


Face Cleanser 150mL

Overall impression: I like!

It’s a gel-like consistency initially (something I really like for some reason) but then foams up on your face. Usually I’m not a huge fan of foaming cleansers, I feel like they dry my skin, but not this one! The geranium oil, ylang ylang, and extracts of hibiscus and turmeric leave my skin feeling fresh and supple but also moisturized.

It has a beautiful scent that instantly transports me to a lovely day spa somewhere tropical. I will add, M absolutely hates the scent. Like couldn’t get it off her face fast enough. It is quite strong, which I love but perhaps give it a smell before purchasing in case it disagrees with you also.

This product has me weirdly excited to wash my face. I don’t look like a Balinese Princess/model quite yet, but give it time guys, give it time.

If you’re keen to give it a go you can pick it up here:


Rejuvenating Masque 100g

There’s nothing in life that makes me feel more like “a grown up” than donning a facemask. According to every American chick-flick ever made, this is what the cool kids do at sleepovers and adults do before hot dates the world over. Well, females anyway. My point is I love me a facemask.

This one is truly lovely. The mask looks and feels like a clay mask initially, but having scanned the ingredients and the website turns out it’s not! The ingredients of fruit extracts, vitamin e and green tea extract work to exfoliate the skin whilst also moisturizing. I have used this mask almost once a week and it always gives my tired skin a much-needed boost!

It recommends on the packaging to couple the facemask with a relaxing bath and candles, and I took this advice very seriously. At night after a long day of procrastinating I put on the facemask, pour a bath and relax. We don’t have any candles, which is very upsetting but the mask never disappoints.

If you’re keen to feel grown up and rejuvenated grab yours here:


I am so happy with my first try of Milk & Co. products and very keen to try more! What products have you tried? Any recommendations?


– N x