Current Lipstick Favourites



A constant battle in my life is whether to go big on the eye makeup, or make lipstick the star of the show. An eyeshadow-focused look is so elegant. It takes a bit longer which makes it feel special and it allows me to let my creative side loose! But lipstick is so glamorous and fun! Deciding which is my favourite is completely essential (obviously), and really hard. The struggle is real, my friends.

I know what you’re thinking “Oh dear! What an awful, serious and life-altering conundrum you face! What on earth did you decide?”. Perhaps the observant amongst you picked up on the subtle clue in the title of this post, but for the rest of you I won’t leave you in suspense any longer…

Lipstick, I love you. Like, so much. The other day I was given a lipstick so beautiful I almost cried. I realise that crying over a lipstick is ridiculous but I’m not going to apologise. Lipstick makes me happy; we are in love and our love is the kind that lasts a lifetime. So to celebrate lipstick and I going steady, here are my lipstick faves of the moment:


Grace by Nars

This is the most beautiful lipstick I have ever seen.  If the entire Nars audacious lipstick collection is as fabulous as this I recommend you purchase as many as you can get your hands on. The consistency is incredibly, dreamily creamy, the pigmentation blew my mind, the colour is exactly what I was looing for and (I’m not sure if all Nars lipsticks have this but this detail amazed me) the lid has a little magnet so that it won’t come off in your bag! This may be the perfect lipstick. I will wear this as often as humanly possible. You should too.

Little side note: The lipstick is slightly more pink in real life than it appears in the photo.


Plink! by MAC


Technically M owns this lipstick, not me, but that doesn’t stop me from using it frequently. She describes it as “your lips, but better” and I can’t think of a better way to describe this product. I’m not a huge fan of nude lipsticks, I just cannot pull them off, but Plink is somehow nude without being nude. It takes my lips and adds a subtle pink sheen that finishes off my look without making me feel like I’m overdressed. When possible, I wear this lipstick every single day.


Joli Rouge 704 by Clarins


If you’re in the search for the perfect red lipstick but don’t want to mortgage your house to purchase one from YSL, Tom Ford or Chanel, then this is for you. To be honest, this is just a good as those famous reds anyway. The colour is rich, the consistency creamy and it lasts ages. I have branched out with all varieties of different shades, brands and finishes when it comes to red lipstick, but I always end up coming back to 704. Why change what works so well?


Kate Moss Lasting Finish no. 12 by Rimmel


This lipstick is a chameleon. Having seen M wear it, there is absolutely no way I would have thought I could pull off such a peach-tangerine-orange shade and I was wrong. This baby somehow works to suit most skin tones, almost looking like a completely different colour on different people. I had accepted my fate of never being able to pull off an orange-toned lipstick until I discovered this and I cannot wait to wear it over the summer months! It doesn’t last forever, but given the price and a rather lovely consistency that doesn’t really bother me. Besides, reapplying is a good excuse to go and swoon over the gorgeous colour of this lipstick in the mirror. It. Is. Amazeballs.


What are you favourite lipsticks? Comment with suggestions for what I should try next! I hope this ignited a little spark in your heart for your favourite lipsticks. I’m off to look at my collection and tell them how much I appreciate their existence.

 Also, big thanks to M for lending her luscious lips for the modelling!

-N x