REVIEW: SuperStay 24hr Foundation and Concealer by Maybelline

Everybody and their dog is after foundation and concealer that will keep you looking fresh af from dawn til dusk (or dusk til dawn, if that’s how you roll), so when I came across the Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr foundation and concealer I had to see if this would end that search.  I’m not sure I’ve ever needed my makeup to last a full 24 hours but the idea that it could if I really wanted it to caught my eye.

Maybelline tells us that the foundation uses “micro-flex technology” (which is 100% a term they made) that helps the product to resist movement throughout the day and,  I would imagine they are implying, help it to last 24 hours.  So did they live up to my lofty expectations? Read on to find out.


I actually quite like the packaging! Whilst the hefty glass bottle of the foundation makes it impractical for travel, it looks sleek and feels of expensive quality. The foundation also comes with a pump, always a huge tick.  The concealer tube is neither here nor there, it’s fine.

As for the labels, something that irritates me about drugstore products is that the labels/writing often wear away from rattling around it my makeup bag or foundation draw.  I have had both of these for quite a while and the labels still look brand new! It’s something small, but I appreciate it.


This foundation will set you back AU$24.95 for 30mL, and the concealer AU$14.95 for 7.5mL which is by no means the cheapest drugstore foundation on the market.  It is still, however, a far cry from high-end or luxury foundation prices.


The finish is somewhere between matter and satin, I guess you could call it a “natural” finish, with medium but buildable coverage.  This means you can wear it for every day or amp it up for night time or big events. The concealer is leaning more towards full coverage.

However, this is where the product really lost points for me.  No matter how I applied this it left my skin looking heavy and cakey.

One application with a drop of oil (the best way I found to apply it…still not crazy about it)

The concealer in particular left my under-eyes looking really seriously atrocious.  And it got worse over time! Even when I thought I’d thinned it out with some facial oil and it looked okay initally, it somehow ended up looking like a dry, creased and cakey mess a few hours later.  I was always desperate to take it off when I looked in a mirror and regretted wearing it every single time.

The foundation was pretty similar. Whilst the finish was improved by adding a drop of facial oil, it still looked cakey after a few hours wear.  I tried applying it with my hands, with a beauty sponge, with a brush, with and without a drop of oil, with a finishing spray and without; no matter what I did it just didn’t sit well on my skin.

I do have dry-combination skin, so this may have played a part in this.  If you have oily skin this may work in your favour!

With a full face of makeup – no setting powder as that makes it cake up even more


The concealer really did last all day long without any movement or diminishing in coverage.  However, as I mentioned for every single one of those hours, it looked cakey and hideous and I was desperate to get home and take it off.  I particularly remember looking in the mirror after work one day and being mortified that I had been walking around looking like a pale, old lady all day.  The creasing was the worst I have ever experienced.

The foundation didn’t last as well as the concealer, but it also wasn’t as cakey as the concealer.  Which says more about how shockingly cakey the concealer was than the finish of the foundation, because it was still pretty heavy.  It ended up leaving my skin looking dull and unhealthy, which is the total opposite of what I was hoping to get from this “24hr fresh look” foundation.

the verdict

Huge, massive thumbs down from me.  I have honestly been avoiding doing this review because I don’t want to put this foundation back on my skin for photos. I just can’t even.  This may be the worst foundation and concealer I have ever used.  I know that sounds super negative and dramatic but that’s how shitty I looked at the end of the day when I wore these. I would honestly prefer my makeup to fade than leave me looking like a cake face as this did.

If you have oily skin, perhaps this won’t be an issue for you. But honestly, I wouldn’t risk it.


Have you tried these products? What were your thoughts? Can you recommend any other long-wearing foundations?

Stay beautiful, N x




Review: Napoleon Perdis Personal Trainer Serum Foundation

When it’s comes to foundation I am always on the search for two things: the perfect dewy finish, and a natural, skin-like look and feel. Basically I want to look like I naturally wake up looking like a glowy unicorn. I mean, is that too much to ask? So when I read that the new Napoleon Perdis Personal Trainer foundation is “sheer, lightweight coverage” and “reflects even the softest light” I thought it sounded right up my alley.

So, did it meet my expectations? To be perfectly honest, the first time I wore this it was with a heavy heart that I rang M and said “I think I hate it”. Luckily, she told me to persevere a few more times and experiment with primers and application techniques, because my first impression was way off the mark. I’m guessing I just had an off day with my skin or put too much primer on, but it never looked the way it did that first day ever again.

 I like to wear it with a light layer of the Napoleon Perdis Skin Elixer Serum SPF15 as a primer. But it works well with any primer or, in fact, on it’s own! Which is big for me to say as I am a huge fan of primers. It also feels moisurising on my dry skin, another huge plus for me.

With one coat is a has a nice natural finish; a youthful and healthy glow whilst evening out the complexion. It layers nicely with a second coat with a bit more coverage, whilst still remaining natural in finish. After that, I’m afraid, the layering didn’t continue well. It started to separate a bit and whilst it still felt natural the fantastic finish was gone. 
As expected with a light-wegith foundation, the wear time isn’t its best feature. Having said that, in comparison with other foundations in that category (such as the UD Naked Skin) it takes the cake! It lasted almost all day in the middle of winter, and still looked great at the end of the day. It managed this by wearing away evenly. I hate nothing more than when foundation wears away in patches. It looks atrocious, but this foundation didn’t do that! Good job Napoleon.


I prefer it applied with a beauty sponge, but if you didn’t have freezing hands like me I’d imagine it would apply well with your fingers too. I didn’t like it with a brush, I think it is too lightweight for that to really work its magic as it gets soaked up.


Overall, I really like this foundation and I am really glad I didn’t give up on it after the first go. I have found myself reaching for it on a daily basis! If you are a fan of natural and glowy foundations you definitely need this in your life.

Pick it up here!

Have you got any other recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay beautiful – Nx

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup


I am a massive fan of the “I woke up like this” makeup look. Which, of course, involves several steps, many makeup products and looks in no way how I appear when I wake up. Nailing that natural look makes my heart sing. So when Urban Decay released a foundation called “Naked Skin” I was all over that like a bad rash.   Did it live up to my expectations? Keep reading to find out…


First things first: What is up with that name, Urban Decay? I understand that you’re trying to get a lot of information across, but were all those words really necessary? I think we could have cut it down a tad. It’s quite the mouthful. But that’s just nit-picking really.

The packaging is pretty much perfect, in my eyes. It looks high-end, but the lightweight packaging means you won’t have to compromise when it comes to travelling. I love my YSL Touche Èclat but it’s so damn heavy! If I want to take that on a trip I have to cut down on other products, and that’s a real pain. I’ve also had mine for months, rolling around with all my other foundations an the packaging has stayed un-tarnished.

Okay, onto the important stuff.

It comes in 18 shades, which means it covers girls ranging all the way from 0.5 (very fair, porcelain) to 12 (dark with deep golden undertones). Nothing annoys me more than when a company brings out a foundation with shades ranging from mildly pale – slightly tanned and leaves the rest of us hanging. So, props to Urban Decay.  I use the shade 2.0 (fair with slight yellow undertone).

The product description promises “coverage without compromise…the best of both worlds…buildable coverage…that looks and feels like nothing.” For me this was spot on. It gave me enough coverage to help me cover and blemishes and help me to feel confident even on my worst days. At the same time it looked and felt light, meaning I didn’t have to feel like I had caked on makeup if I was just going out for coffee or running errands. Even if I did cake it on for a night out it still felt light and natural. This is achieved through the super thin consistency of the foundation. It literally runs down my face before I blend it in. This does mean you need more than one coat to get full coverage (so you need to use more product) but that’s something I prefer.


It leaves a demi-matte finish, which for me is exactly what I’m after for an everyday foundation. It gives me that glowy, healthy, youthful look that I love whilst also keeping my t-zone in check; something that dewy foundations struggle to do for long periods of time.   I do still set my t-zone and under my eyes with powder for special occasions, but it’s not strictly necessary, you can definitely get away without it.

As far as staying power…I am still undecided on this one. It’s by no means my longest wearing foundation. After a full day of wear, my skin is definitely peeking through and those blemishes are back out on show. However, whilst this isn’t fantastic, it does wear away naturally. There’s none patchiness or caking that can occur with other products. I would say it lasts a good 4-5 hours before it needs a touch up.

So all in all, I’m going to give the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weighless Ultra Defintion Liquid Makeup a 3.5/5. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good foundation, but there’s just something about it that stops me from loving it as opposed to just liking it. It probably would have been 4 if it lasted just a little bit longer.


If you are a fan of no-makeup foundation, then definitely give this baby a go.

Aussie gals can pick their’s up here.

What are your favourite natural-looking foundations? Let me know in the comments below.


Stay beautiful, N x


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer Review


These products are by no means new. They’ve been around for years, but I am about to finish mine off (as you can see by their condition!) and I thought they deserved a short review. So here we go!


As the name of this range suggest, the foundation promises to help you to look instantly more awake. It boasts an “anti-fatigue effect” that helps you to attain a radiant glow.

Does it achieve this? I’m gonna go ahead and say “hells yes!”

This is one of my favourite drugstore foundations. Whenever I come back to it I mentally give myself a little slap on the wrist for ever having moved away from it in the first place! It creates a skin-like coverage whilst also covering any uneven skin tone. The finish is somewhere near ‘dewy’ but not quite there. I love that as it avoids you wandering into ‘oily’ territory during the day, which can so easily happen with dewy finish foundations.

I have worn it both as an everyday foundation with one layer or built it up for a night time look and it looks fantastic both ways. I wouldn’t say it’s a full coverage foundation, but that’s kind of how I like it. I prefer to build it to medium coverage and then use concealer if I need it.

It leaves your skin looking healthy with a radiant glow, protects it with spf15 and with the addition of a moisturising complex makes it perfect for us dry-skinned gals. I have found myself reaching for this foundation over my high-end alternatives such as MAC face & body or Chanel vitalumiere aqua!

So if you love full coverage matte foundations, this is definitely not for you. It may also be one that you want to steer clear of if you skin is rather oily. However, if you want radiant, glowing, youthful looking skin, get this in your shopping basket asap.

Retails for AU$16.69-19.95.



My love for the foundation doesn’t quite carry over to the concealer. I really like it, it is even probably my favourite drugstore concealer of the moment. However, unlike the foundation, I always find myself overlooking it in favour of my high end concealers.

The concealer promises to illuminate under the eyes as well as cover blemishes and it does both those things. The best thing about this concealer for me is the consistency; it is lightweight and moisturising, which makes it a perfect no-crease under-eye concealer. However that same consistency makes it less appropriate for covering any annoying blemishes as it tends to move around during the day, even when set with powder.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great product! If you’re in the market for a perfectly adequate concealer at drugstore prices then this is for you. But if you have a high end product that you already love, this is probably just not going to cut it.

Retails for $AU12.69-14.95


What other drugstore foundations and concealers do you adore? I am always keen to try out more! Let me know in the comments below.

Keep smiling, N x

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