REVIEW: Davines MOMO haircare

Over the last few months I have gone from brunette to blonde and have been testing out the Davines MOMO haircare range. I’ve finally formed some pretty solid thoughts of this line and thought I would share them with you. I have the MOMO shampoo, hair potion and moisturising conditioner, all from They are all infused with yellow melon extract and formulated for dry, dehydrated hair.


My first thought about this entire line was, “woah, this better be good for the price!” I’ve never been one to spend much on hair care but going blonde has certainly changed my mind on that. This shampoo is amazing! A little goes a long way, so the once seemingly steep price seemed a little more manageable once I realised this shampoo was probably going to last me the better part of ten years. It foams up really nicely and leaves my hair feeling super clean but not stripped. It’s aimed towards people with dry, dehydrated hair which is why I think it works so well. I’m left with clean hair without the dreaded squeak. 10/10 for this shampoo! I will definitely be repurchasing if/when I ever run out!


I have to say, the packaging of this conditioner did intimidate me when I first opened my package. I’ve never seen any haircare product quite like this one but I soon came to love its simplicity. It has a flip-up lid that is so easy to use in the shower and makes it easy to decide exactly how much product you want to use. I usually keep the conditioner in for around 3-4 minutes while I’m washing my face and body and when I rinse it out my hair feels like an angels harp string! If you have dry hair this is the product of your dreams! I don’t know what I did without it and can’t see myself straying from it’s beautiful smoothness anytime soon!


This hair potion had me in all types of emotional states. The first time I tried it I almost passed out from its strong scent. It has the same smell as the conditioner and shampoo but they’ve somehow managed to intensify it 1000 fold! If you are sensitive to smells I would probably steer clear of this one.

Since my first harrowing experience with this potion I have figured out how to best use it. It says on the bottle that it can be used on towel-dried or dry hair as a hydration boost (essentially a kind of leave-in conditioner) but I found out quite quickly that if I used it on dry hair the scent became too much (I’m talking an I-needed-to-sit-down-otherwise-I’d-be-hitting-the-floor-soon kind of too much) and I was better off opening the bathroom door, doing my skincare routine and then applying it to towel dried, dampish hair. This gave me a chance to take in as much oxygen as possible before applying it in an open, air-filled environment. I know what you’re thinking – why go to all this effort for a hair product? My answer is simple – like the other MOMO products, the hair potion has been like a gift from God from my dehydrated locks! It’s so good that I can, with sufficiant oxygen, look past its strong scent in order to adorn my hair with this magical elixir!

In conclusion, I think I have found my new favourite hair care products! They are incredible at re-introducing moisture and life to dry, dull, dehydrated hair and I will continue to purchase them until (by some kind of a miracle) I find something better!

Stay happy,

-M xx


*Although I was sent these products for consideration all opinions are my own. I only rave about products I believe deserve the review.



Full Face of AUSTRALIS First Impressions

Australis is a home grown Aussie brand that has affordable makeup in all areas from lips to eyes and face! I recently went a bit ham on some of their products and thought I would do a full face of first impressions so we can try them out together!



For foundation I got the Fresh &Flawless Foundation in Natural Fawn. It’s a medium-full coverage foundation with matte finish which I quite like for nights out as it is mostly a bit longer wearing that dewy foundations. First off, the colour was a great match and the coverage was a nice medium coverage so some of my freckles still pocked through and I didn’t look like a cake face. It applied really evenly with a Flat Top Kabuki Brush and built really nicely when I applied a second layer around my nose and cheeks where I generally need a bit more coverage! A+ from me!



To highlight down the centre of my face and under my eyes I used the Concealer Stick in Light. It has great coverage and blended so easily (again with a Flat Top Kabuki Brush)! You could definitely use a different shade if you needed to cover any blemishes but I found that the foundation did that for me!

Setting Powder:


To set the areas I had concealed I used the banana shade from the Take Me On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit. I can’t find the kit on the website but I would look in store in Kmart or Priceline to see if they have any available. Otherwise they do have a Banana Powder  that I believe is the same product in a single format. This is one of the silkiest banana powders I have used! It’s so buttery and doesn’t leave your face looking super dry! I definitely recommend this!



For brows I used the Tint my Brow in Light Brown. I have heard so much about this brow gel but for some reason never got around to trying it out! It applied really nicely and the colour match was great! It isn’t my favourite tinted brow gel but for the price I think it’s a great starter for those that are new to makeup!



To sculpt my face I used the contour and highlight shade from the same Take Me On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit and OH MY GOODNESS… I AM IN LOVE! This whole palette is absolutely incredible! Australis – if this is discontinued pleeaassee make it permanent! Everybody needs this in their life! Like the banana shade they are sooo buttery and smooth and look amazing on the skin! Stunning! I found this highlight on their website but hopefully the kit is still in Priceline or Kmart! You need this kit! Run,don’t walk!



To sculpt my socket I used the contour shader from the palette and then used the Eyeliner Pencil in Blackest Black to create some depth in the outer corner of my top lid and lower lash line! This was so easy to blend out with a blending brush and super easy to apply! Then I used the Metallix Cream Eyeshadow in Pearl Jammin’  on the inner two thirds of my lid to add some sparkle! I found this a little bit tricky to apply as it broke up a little especially when I tried to blend it but I’m sure once I get the technique right it will be easy and I definitely want to keep trying as it looked so amazing on! Do any of you own these eyeshadows? What’s your favourite way to apply them? After highlighting my brow bone with the same highlighter I used before I finished off my eyes with the Fierce Eyes Volumising Mascara which is INCREDIBLE! It’s super black and made my eyelashes look so long and full – I’ll definitely keep using it!



For lips, I decided to go nude and used their Colour Inject Moisturising Mineral Lipstick in shade Mambo all over my lips! The formula was so creamy and beautiful on the lips, I am for sure going to stock up on some other shades.

So there you have it – my thoughts on some Australis products! All in all I was super impressed with the products I tried and will definitely be trying more from their brand! What is your favourite Australis product? What should I try next?

Stay Happy,

-M xx


Dry Skincare Routine

Finding the right skincare routine for you can be a drag. As most of you know, I suffer with super dry, dehydrated skin. It’s also quite freckly and dull and I’ve always struggled to find the right mix of products to tackle these issues. I finally feel happy with my skincare routine and thought I would share it with you with the hope that it will help some of you with similar issues.



I was sent the Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser for reviewing purposes a few months ago and am pleased to say I think I have found the perfect dry skin cleanser! It is so brightening and I sometimes use it to remove makeup too (which it does an awesome job of)! I absolutely love this cleanser! Big thumbs up from me!



The Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub is another newer product that I love for my sin type! I use it about every second or third day depending on how my skin is feeling and it does a great job of cleaning my skin out without sucking all the moisture out at the same time! It has jojoba oil in it too which makes it nice and moisturising!



I am absolutely in love with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater! It is super hydrating and I use it both morning and night (and sometimes during the day as a refresher) as toner and I’ll definitely keep repurchasing it!



I have fallen in love with the Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil after I was sent it in a PR package! It contains lots of lovely oils that brighten and hydrate my skin unlike any other serum or oil I have tried! I apply it both morning and night to my face and neck and let that sink in before I apply moisturiser.



An old favourite of mine is the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream for dry, sensitive skin! I have pretty sensitive skin and suffer from a few allergies that make my skin flare up so this is my favourite moisturiser for calming everything down and keeping my face moisturised all day – especially with the help of the Skinstitut oil! It’s also super cheap so you can’t really go wrong!

Eye Cream:


The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate is, as you can tell from the title, meant to be only used at night but I find it so moisturising that I use it both morning and night! Kathleen Lights got me on to this just over a year ago and I haven’t looked back! Sooooooo good!



I use the La Roche-Posay 50+ very high protection stick every morning because it isn’t at all sticky or greasy and doesn’t make my makeup look weird over the top! I can’t find the stick form online but I bought it at Priceline and you can buy the liquid version which is just as nice here.

Lip Balm:


The Vanny P lip balms are created by a small business in Western Australia with all natural ingredients! At the moment I am loving the Floral Passion scent for a bit of spring loving!

Night Cream:


You have most likely heard me rave about the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask before – but it’s for good reason I promise! This product has absolutely changed my skin! You will wakeup feeling so hydrated and refreshed after using this, I promise! I sometimes use it on days when I’m feeling extra dry and am not wearing makeup too, it’s just that good!

Cleansing Mask:



The Tru Self Organics Detoxifying Mask is my absolute favourite clay face mask of all time! If I ever have a pimple I mix this up, pop it on for 20 minutes and once I have rinsed it off my skin looks 1000 times better! It isn’t too drying either so it’s safe to use if you are really dry!

Moisturising Mask:



This is the final Skinstitut product in this post I swear! Their Hydrating Mask is out of this world! If you are having a flare up of flakeyness or skin irritation chuck this on and you feel at least a million times better!

I know it might seem like a lot to do but trust me, for anyone who has dry, irritated skin you know how much it is worth getting rid of dry patches! Using these products will not only make your skin more radiant and hydrated but your makeup will sit on it so much better and look amazing!

I hope this has helped at least some of you!

Stay Happy,

M xx


Makeup For Mature Skin

We’ve had a lot of questions about makeup for more mature skin so we decided to recruit our beautiful mum to help us give you some tips and tricks on how to best apply makeup to mature skin.

The Prep:

 Our mum, like many other woman her age, has quite dehydrated skin. Her main concern is makeup becoming cakey around her smile lines which can be common if you don’t apply the right base. The best thing we have found to do before applying mum’s (or anyone with dry skin) base is to prep it with a facial spray. Our favourite (and one of the cheapest around too) is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and RosewaterWe sprayed a generous amount over mum’s skin and let that settle in before we applied the Hourglass No. 28 Serum Primer with a Beauty Blender. This primer is absolutely incredible for priming dry or dehydrated skin! It is so nourishing and hydrating and we have found that it keeps our skin looking fresher for longer!  

The Base:

 Mum’s new favourite foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid To Go Compact and for good reason! It is so hydrating (again, essential for aged skin) and has excellent coverage while still looking like skin. Then we used the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer  under her eyes to cancel out any darker pigmentation. Something important to remember with concealer and mature skin is to use a concealer that is only one shade lighter than your skin tone as anything lighter will make you looked aged. As you can see above, we used the same shade as we would on the rest of mum’s face here under her eyes and she looks absolutely stunning! We blended all of that in with the Beauty Blender again. Mum’s skin becomes too dry if she sets it with powder and she finds that she doesn’t need to set it for it to stay all day (especially with this foundation/primer combination) but if you do find that you need to set your face we would recommend the Face of Australia Translucent Powder used with a beauty blender is an amazing combination for keeping the skin still looking like skin.

The Cheeks:

 Like the base, glowing cheeks tend to look the nicest with mature skin so we used mum’s favourite the NARS Laguna Orgasm Duo  which is a bronzer/blush duo. The bronzer has a beautiful golden sheen and the blush has gentle gold reflects in it. The combination looks amazing on the cheeks. To aid in illumination we used the Benefit Watt’s Up! Cream Highlighter stick on the top of her cheek bones, cupids bow and down her nose. Something to keep in mind with anything that has a reflect in it is to use it sparsely on any areas you have textural problems as this will highlight those problems even more. If you do have issues we recommend using a matte blush and bronzer and even a matte powder that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone as a highlighter to give your face dimension.

The Brows:

 Mum already has beautiful brows so we just ran over Benefit’s Gimme Brow Brow Gel to give them more volume and texture.

The Eyes: 

 Mum, like us, has pretty hooded eyes so we try to keep the drama along the lash line for her eyes. We used the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eyeshadow Primer to make the shadow last and used the centre shade in the Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palette  to set that from lash line to brow bone. Then we used the second shade from the left in the palette in the crease to create a little bit of definition and along the lower lash line for a bit of symmetry. Then, using the darkest brown shade in the palette, we created a bit of depth along the last line with a soft, smudged line and did the same thing along the outer 3rd of the lower lashes. To bring a bit of sparkle to the eyes we used the sparkly shade in the Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Eyeshadow Palette in Nude in the very centre of her lid. To brighten up here eyes and make them appear more awake we used the NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner in shade Rue Bonaparte in the water line. This is a great way of looking more awake even on days where you aren’t wearing any makeup. Mum suffers from “panda eyes” where her mascara smudges throughout the day and her new favourite mascara, Kevin Aucoin The Curling Mascarais her new holy grail at stopping that!

The Lips: 

 If you suffer from lines in your lips one of the most important things is to not use a matte lipstick as this, like the skin, will accentuate the lines. For today’s look we used MAC’s Brave Lipstick  which is a satin shade so it lasts a long time but is still hydrating and flattering on the lips.

We hope this has helped those of you who wanted a few tips and tricks on how to work with mature skin!

What are your favourite products to use when you’re working with mature skin? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Happy,

N&M xx


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