REVIEW: SuperStay 24hr Foundation and Concealer by Maybelline

Everybody and their dog is after foundation and concealer that will keep you looking fresh af from dawn til dusk (or dusk til dawn, if that’s how you roll), so when I came across the Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr foundation and concealer I had to see if this would end that search.  I’m not sure I’ve ever needed my makeup to last a full 24 hours but the idea that it could if I really wanted it to caught my eye.

Maybelline tells us that the foundation uses “micro-flex technology” (which is 100% a term they made) that helps the product to resist movement throughout the day and,  I would imagine they are implying, help it to last 24 hours.  So did they live up to my lofty expectations? Read on to find out.


I actually quite like the packaging! Whilst the hefty glass bottle of the foundation makes it impractical for travel, it looks sleek and feels of expensive quality. The foundation also comes with a pump, always a huge tick.  The concealer tube is neither here nor there, it’s fine.

As for the labels, something that irritates me about drugstore products is that the labels/writing often wear away from rattling around it my makeup bag or foundation draw.  I have had both of these for quite a while and the labels still look brand new! It’s something small, but I appreciate it.


This foundation will set you back AU$24.95 for 30mL, and the concealer AU$14.95 for 7.5mL which is by no means the cheapest drugstore foundation on the market.  It is still, however, a far cry from high-end or luxury foundation prices.


The finish is somewhere between matter and satin, I guess you could call it a “natural” finish, with medium but buildable coverage.  This means you can wear it for every day or amp it up for night time or big events. The concealer is leaning more towards full coverage.

However, this is where the product really lost points for me.  No matter how I applied this it left my skin looking heavy and cakey.

One application with a drop of oil (the best way I found to apply it…still not crazy about it)

The concealer in particular left my under-eyes looking really seriously atrocious.  And it got worse over time! Even when I thought I’d thinned it out with some facial oil and it looked okay initally, it somehow ended up looking like a dry, creased and cakey mess a few hours later.  I was always desperate to take it off when I looked in a mirror and regretted wearing it every single time.

The foundation was pretty similar. Whilst the finish was improved by adding a drop of facial oil, it still looked cakey after a few hours wear.  I tried applying it with my hands, with a beauty sponge, with a brush, with and without a drop of oil, with a finishing spray and without; no matter what I did it just didn’t sit well on my skin.

I do have dry-combination skin, so this may have played a part in this.  If you have oily skin this may work in your favour!

With a full face of makeup – no setting powder as that makes it cake up even more


The concealer really did last all day long without any movement or diminishing in coverage.  However, as I mentioned for every single one of those hours, it looked cakey and hideous and I was desperate to get home and take it off.  I particularly remember looking in the mirror after work one day and being mortified that I had been walking around looking like a pale, old lady all day.  The creasing was the worst I have ever experienced.

The foundation didn’t last as well as the concealer, but it also wasn’t as cakey as the concealer.  Which says more about how shockingly cakey the concealer was than the finish of the foundation, because it was still pretty heavy.  It ended up leaving my skin looking dull and unhealthy, which is the total opposite of what I was hoping to get from this “24hr fresh look” foundation.

the verdict

Huge, massive thumbs down from me.  I have honestly been avoiding doing this review because I don’t want to put this foundation back on my skin for photos. I just can’t even.  This may be the worst foundation and concealer I have ever used.  I know that sounds super negative and dramatic but that’s how shitty I looked at the end of the day when I wore these. I would honestly prefer my makeup to fade than leave me looking like a cake face as this did.

If you have oily skin, perhaps this won’t be an issue for you. But honestly, I wouldn’t risk it.


Have you tried these products? What were your thoughts? Can you recommend any other long-wearing foundations?

Stay beautiful, N x




Makeup Look: Drugstore Smokey Eye – Maybelline’s #GetTheLeatherLook

NB: This post is in no way sponsored by any brand, all products were bought with our money and all opinions are our own.

I don’t know about you guys, but recently before every YouTube video I have watched has been Maybelline’s #GetTheLeatherLook advertisement. After ignoring it the first 1-10 times, I finally watched and really liked the look of the products they were using! So I got my butt to Priceline and picked most of them up.

If you want to see my interpretation on #GetTheLeatherLook (using all drugstore products!) then keep on reading!




To start I used my new fave drugstore primer, The Original by Australis. For the base I used Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth in 120 Classic Ivory with my sponge from Real Techniques. As the name suggests, this is one dewy foundation! Not something I wanted with my smokey eye to come, so I powdered under my eyes and my t-zone with the lightest shade from the Australis AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit.




I have been on the hunt for a liquid concealer that is light enough to highlight my pale skin, and I finally found it in the form of the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous concealer in the shade Light. I put this under my eyes and in my t-zone for a slight highlight.




I have been loving my current brow combo! Such great drugstore products; The Maybelline Brow Satin Duo in Dark Brown and Brow Drama in Medium Brown. They are both great on their own but together they slay!



Now this is the focal point of the look, and where the ‘leather’ part of that hashtag comes in. You’ve probably heard of Maybelline’s 24 hour colour tattoo eyeshadows, they’re amazing. Now they’ve come out with a matter version, the ‘leather’ version. I picked up the shades 08 Creamy Beige, 95 Chocolate, and 100 Dramatic Black. They are just as amazing as their predecessors! Well done Maybelline!


I started out with Creamy Beige just about my crease as a transition colour, followed by Chocolate just underneath and in my outer-v, so that the evolution into the black was more natural and gradual. Finally I used Dramatic black all over the lid, into the crease, outer-v and all over my lower lash line. The key? Blend, blend, blend. I found that using some of the Chocolate shade to blend out the edge of the black really helped. These shadows are fantastically blendable. I really like them. Definitely consider investing in a shade or two, or like 6.




When I purchased the   mascara for this look it came in a little two pack with the Maybelline Master Eyeliner, score! I put this pitch black liner in my upper and lower waterline as well as my upper and lower lash line. As you can see it really brings the smokey eye together, creating a great grungy look.




Another essential to the hashtag, the Maybelline the Colossal Go Extreme! Mascara in Leather Black. Woah. The brush on this bad boy is HUGE! And it delivers on those colossal promises. Volume, Length, and black black leather black lashes. Perfect for this look.




I chose to skip on bronzer for this look as I wanted it to remain grungy, but I also wanted a contour that could cut glass. To achieve this I used the Australis palette from earlier, using shade 5 (middle bottom) to contour my cheekbones and around my hair line. I also used shade 1 (top right) to carve out under my cheekbones. Oooh yeah, I love me a contour.




Oops! I forgot to take photos of this step! I was too excited about highlighting haha I wanted to keep the blush natural so as not to make the look to heavy and Milani’s 01 Dolce Pink is perfect for this. Milani blushes truly are number one, and at such a great price!!




My favourite step. I wanted to keep the highlight in the cool-silvery area of the colour spectrum and so chose the Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent Pearl. Does the packaging of this product remind anyone else of a boob? M and I call in the boob highlight…nope just us? Oky dokey then, moving on.



I went for both a nude and bold lip option for this look so that you can take it where your mood takes you!

Lip Option 1 – Nude


Everyone loves a nude lip with a smokey eye and this glossy option really classes it up. I used Maybelline’s Colour Elixer Liquid Lip Balm in Nude Illusion. This is definitely a gloss and not a balm, so don’t be fooled by the name.

Lip Option 2 – Bold


The old adage goes that you can only go big on the eyes or the lips or risk looking like a 90s hooker. But rules are made to be broken! And if you end up looking like a 90s hooker you are doing something terribly wrong.

I chose Revlon’s Super Lustrous Matte in Really Red to finish on the grungy babe look I was going for and I love the result!


I really hope you enjoyed my take on the Maybelline #GetTheLeatherLook! What kind of makeup look would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments below!


Stay beautiful, N x



Review: Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

I love my mum, but if Lisa Eldridge offered to adopt me I wouldn’t hesitate for a second before I said “hells yes!”. She is so elegant and soothing and I think she may well be an angel sent from heaven to make the world a better, more beautiful place. But I’ve got way off track. Where was I going with this?…

Oh yeah, a few months ago I was watching a Lisa Eldridge tutorial and she used The Nudes eyeshadow palette by Maybelline. I was so soothed by her amazing voice that I barely noticed myself going out and buying it instantly. I just realised one day that it was in my makeup draw, oops. Really though, can you have too many natural eyeshadow palettes?! Probably.


So was it worth the AU$21.99, or should you fork out the extra dollars for a high end substitute? Keep reading to find out.


The 12 eyeshadow colours are right up my alley. Browns and ashy greys through some almost-coppers to a beautiful gold. Whilst 8 of them are shimmery, 4 are matte. I’m a huge fan of matte eyeshadow, especially for my everyday makeup and when I’m wearing glasses; somebody told me once that you should always wear matte shadows with glasses and I have run with that for years…I should really check out whether that is true. My favourites are the matte brown (top row, second from the right) and the almost-coppery brown (top row, third from the right). I also use the black to tight line my upper-lash line when I can’t be bothered with eyeliner but want the appearance of thick lashes.


Top Row


Bottom Row

Quality is where they are lacking. The first thing I noticed is that these bad boys have A LOT of fallout. You notice it as soon as you put your brush in the shadow, it falls errywhere. Ignoring that fact, which is super annoying but something I can get past, the quality is about a 6/10. They’re not terrible, the pigmentation is pretty good, just not fantastic. Same goes for the blendability. I mean, they blend eventually, it just takes a little more time and effort. If you don’t mind taking a bit longer to get ready then that’s not a massive issue either.

The thing that really lets the palette down is the staying power. They just don’t last, particularly the shimmery shades. Even with eyeshadow primer, setting the eyelid, you name it, I gave it a crack, and by the end of the day/night my eyes were but a remnant of what they were in the beginning. Which is such a pity because, as I said, the colours are SO pretty.


Final verdict: Give it a miss.

I so wanted to say it was worth the money. But I just don’t think that it was. My high-end shadows, yes they cost significantly more, but they also last 10x longer. I just don’t see the point of even applying eyeshadow if it’s going to be gone in an hour or two. Sorry, Lisa.

If you want to give it a shot rather than taking my word for it, I picked mine up here.

Have you got any recommendations of drugstore substitutes for this palette? I am always keen to try new products out!


Stay happy, N x

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