Spring Favourites 2015

Spring has sprung! Here are our must-have products to get us through the season.



Most of you are probably going to consider this a total non-problem, but my eyelashes are long and it’s annoying. I intensely dislike (I would even go so far as to use the word hate) clumpy mascara, and with long, wispy lashes like mine it makes mascara purchase and application a real pain in the bum

For me, the spooly is what makes or breaks mascara and the brush of Bobbi Brown’s intensifying long-wearing mascara has nailed it. It’s odd-looking and tiny (it kind of looks like the brush has fallen off in the tube) but somehow it does its job perfectly! If you have lashes like mine, this mascara applies beautifully and the brush ensures that lashes remain separate, no more clumping! On top of that it lasts all day/night and doesn’t smudge. I really can’t rave about it enough. Ily Bobbi Brown mascara, I’m so glad you came into my life.

NB: Whilst it will work on short lashes as well, you may benefit from a mascara with a larger spooly.


ChanelBronzer_FotorThis one was a bit of a splurge and took me a good ten months to finally pluck up the courage and fork out the almost $100 to buy a bronzer! But boy howdy am I glad I did! I use this bad boy with a big fluffy brush (my favourite is the Real Techniques Blush Brush) and put it all over my face, decollate, arms, body… EVERYWHERE! It is the perfect mix of warm and cool tones and I can’t go a day without it! The only down side is the size… It’s massive, making hard to travel with. But trust me, once you give it a go you won’t want to leave it at home! Plus the hugeness means it will last you a lifetime!


Vaseline_EditedOkay – truth is I’m pretty lazy. I’m that person who reads all the life hack posts to find an easier way to tie their shoes. I’ve never been very good at remembering to moisturise every day and my skin is super dry because of it. And then came along Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser! Now I don’t only moisturise every day, I moisturise at least three times a day! It’s lightweight so it doesn’t leave you greasy and slipping around like a fish in a bathtub and it absorbs in a matter of seconds. They also have a twist lock so you don’t end up lathering up your drink bottle on the way to the gym. I’ve only tried the coconut scent and odourless versions but they have a couple of others. Let us know in the comments if you have tried any and what you thought!


MACravishing_FotorSpring time calls for bright lips in our books and MAC’s crème sheen lipstick in Ravishing is our favourite every day spring shade! It’s a beautiful muted coral that can be worn sheer for an every day look or layered on to pack a punch! Either way this creamy coral lipstick is a must for sunny springtime!


frankscruboriginal_FotorDo you want to feel smooth as a baby’s bottom, reduce cellulite AND smell like coffee?! Then Frank Coffee Scrub is for you! Apply Frank’s scrub all over your body (and face if you want), chill out for ten-fifteen minutes and VOILA! You are officially the smoothest babe in town! It’s also the perfect pre-tanning exfoliator to get off that pesky dead skin and help your tan last its longest. We love the original scent the most but they are all pretty sweet – what’s your favourite?


BondiSands_EditedI’ll be honest I haven’t been fake tanning for long but I have fallen head-over-heels with Bondi Sands tanning products! I use their foam tanner in Light/medium when I’m feeling a little lacklustre in the tanning department (Tasmanian winter anyone?) and the every day gradual tanning milk (for face and body) every other day to keep that glow on fleek all week! The guide colour of the foam isn’t orangey so you can put it on in the morning, soak it up and wash it off at night without looking like an oompa loompa at work (do be warned– it does have an intense coconut smell. Take it from the girl who got questioned about the coconut scent on a midnight trip to Kmart). It also wears off evenly so you don’t look streaky after two days of beautifully bronzed skin. Stay tuned for a full fake tanning routine!

I’m keen to try other tanning products, what are your favourites?


Another Bobbi Brown product, we are loving her products at the moment.

BobbiBrownShimmerBrick_FotorThis is our favourite all in one face product. One swipe of this gives us a Beyonce-just-returned-from-a-tropical-holiday-glow with a perfect hint of pink. We’re super keen to try the other shimmer brick colours, what are your favourites?

Shimmer brick? More like shimmer sick! haha no but really, it’s great.


All heat protectant sprays are not created equal.

BBheatprotectant_FotorM had been raving about this spray for a while and, to be perfectly honest, I was thinking she was being a bit of a sucker. What could this spray possibly do that my $7 heat protectant spray from the supermarket doesn’t? As it turns out, quite a lot!

Just a few quick sprays of this product before I dry my hair and the results are amazing. It makes my hair so soft I can’t stop playing with it all day, it’s really rather distracting, not to mention the volume it adds to my notoriously pancake-flat hair and the advantage of UV protection. An added bonus (and this may be all in my head, so don’t quote me on this) but I am pretty sure my hair dries heaps faster when I use this primer! Always a plus, drying long hair can be such a time-consuming drag. 10/10. Get on it. You won’t be disappointed.


GarnierMicellar_FotorWe all know that dreaded feeling of coming home late at night, exhausted, and remembering that you need to remove your make-up. Let’s be honest, some nights we’re feeling so lazy we just skip that step and go straight to bed, always feeling guilty in the morning. So when I discovered a gentle and easy all-in-one product that was going to do this job in a simple swipe or two, my inner sloth rejoiced! Admittedly makeup wipes do the same job, but I am yet to find one that doesn’t feel harsh and drying on my skin. Micellar water is super gentle and removes all makeup (even that pesky waterproof mascara) with an easy wave of a cotton pad. It’s also super cheap, so there’s no excuse not to pick some up!

Problem solved, ladies. Never again will we wake up feeling guilty and looking like a hungover panda!


I am a huge NikkieTutorials fan. I think the girl is a goddess. Consequently, when she loves a product I instinctively adore it, whether or not I’ve actually tried it. It’s a little pathetic but you know what they say, love is blind.

NarsTintedMoisturiser_FotorSo, naturally, when she tried Nars’ Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and really liked it I had to get myself some of that action. I was not disappointed. This product makes my skin look flawless and youthful. A little goes a really long way and whilst the first layer gives a fantastic natural look, you can easily build on the colour for a fuller coverage. It does leave you with a dewy complexion, so if that’s not your thing or your skin is oily it may not be the product for you, but it can easily be powered down. I have been using this every single day and I still have a ‘wow moment’ every time I put it on. Definitely a new favourite.

Thank you, Nikkie, you glorious creature, for yet another wonderful recommendation.

What are your favourite products for spring? Leave us suggestions in the comments below!

-N&M x


Sukin Skincare Review


Earlier this year life got stressful, and my skin just could not deal; it just full-on lost the plot and there were breakouts galore of every variety. Every time one breakout started to clear a whole new problem would arise. Desperate to fix this, I decided to join many, many other beauty bloggers out there and try out rose hip oil. Priceline had a big sale on Sukin products, so whilst I was there I took the opportunity to give my whole skincare regime an overhaul and bought several other products.

Sukin is a great Australian company that develops environmentally conscious and natural personal care products. If you’re interested in cutting out some of those unpronounceable ingredients from your skincare regime, or are just looking to try something new, then keep reading to see my top four favourite Sukin products.

Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream


I have now re-purchased this day cream 5 times, and I imagine I will continue to do so for a very long time yet. It’s fantastic! My skin just doesn’t feel quite right if I don’t use this product in the morning.

I have a combination skin type, probably leaning towards the oily side of things, and this moisturiser is wonderful. I use it on it’s own, but I prefer to give it a boost with a drop or two of rose hip oil to really give my skin a moisture hit. Other moisturisers have left me feeling a bit dry by the end of the day, but this baby keeps me going well into the night. It does everything I need my moisturiser to do, without clogging my pores or leaving an oily residue, something I hate with a passion! Well done, Sukin, well done.

For those of you out there with dry skin, both M and my bestie (two dry skinned gals) have found that this cream just didn’t do enough for them.


Moisture Restoring Night Cream



If you need a new night cream, or even if you don’t, get in the car immediately and get to your nearest Sukin stockist because you need this product in your life.

Its consistency is so omg-this-is-so-heavenly-on-my-skin-i-might-die that I almost want to start my whole night time skin care regime all over again just so I can repeat this step.

I use this night cream both on its own or after applying rose hip oil, and both ways it works wonders. My skin is glowing the next morning, and who doesn’t love waking up with a stunning complexion? Nobody, that’s who.

Get this. Like, now. You’ll be glad you did.


Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil


You’ve probably heard of the wondrous super-product that is rose hip oil by now, but if you haven’t listen up. This stuff is incredible! This is the product I put down as saving my skin from the disaster-stage that was early 2014, it transformed my dull, dry-as-the-desert-in-some-areas-an-oily-mess-in-others skin in just days! Anyone that sticks around long enough will hear we raving about how much I love rose hip oil. Both M and I use it daily, and we’ve been converting friends and family along the way. Our mum recently jumped on the bandwagon and almost instantly started getting compliments on her complexion.

One of my closest friends found it made her very sensitive skin break out, so just be aware it may not be aware.

But if it does work for you, you are in for some amazing changes! Add rose hip oil to your skincare routine for some amazing results. Get ready for compliments, ladies!
(I’ll be doing a full post of different rose hip oils soon, so keep an eye out!)


Antioxidant Eye Serum

Post Ideas_FotorEYESERUM

I’m going to be honest, I did not see quick results from this product. I’ve used other eye creams and serums that have given me visible results relatively quickly, and this one just wasn’t doing that. I was just about ready to give up on it and swap back to a chemical-filled quick-results eye cream, when this bad boy started doing its thang. And it’s amazing.

This eye serum is somehow both incredibly creamy and super lightweight at the same time. I don’t know how it does that but it is awesome. I plan on having the eyes of a 25 year old until I am 90, and I think this product is going to help me along with that goal without all the harsh ingredients of other brands. Endless youth come at me.

Big thumbs up from me!


Have you tried any other Sukin products? Comment below with suggestions for what I should try next.

-N x

Milk & Co. First Impressions & Review


Any skincare brand of Australian heritage that was developed by a Balinese princess and Michael Klim is already half way to having me thoroughly intrigued and impressed. Being a keen swimmer when I was younger, Klimmy (an Australian swimming legend) was somewhat of an idol to me. His stunning wife, Lindy, is a Balinese princess/model. Princesses are awesome, enough said.

When I came across a sale on Milk & Co. products I used it as an opportunity to grab a couple of items for myself (pretty keen to have the glorious skin of a Balinese princess tbh), as well as a couple for my dad for Fathers’ Day (cause let’s face it, dad isn’t going to buy skincare on his own). I have been using them on and off for a couple of months now, and here I am to let you know my thoughts so far.


Face Cleanser 150mL

Overall impression: I like!

It’s a gel-like consistency initially (something I really like for some reason) but then foams up on your face. Usually I’m not a huge fan of foaming cleansers, I feel like they dry my skin, but not this one! The geranium oil, ylang ylang, and extracts of hibiscus and turmeric leave my skin feeling fresh and supple but also moisturized.

It has a beautiful scent that instantly transports me to a lovely day spa somewhere tropical. I will add, M absolutely hates the scent. Like couldn’t get it off her face fast enough. It is quite strong, which I love but perhaps give it a smell before purchasing in case it disagrees with you also.

This product has me weirdly excited to wash my face. I don’t look like a Balinese Princess/model quite yet, but give it time guys, give it time.

If you’re keen to give it a go you can pick it up here:


Rejuvenating Masque 100g

There’s nothing in life that makes me feel more like “a grown up” than donning a facemask. According to every American chick-flick ever made, this is what the cool kids do at sleepovers and adults do before hot dates the world over. Well, females anyway. My point is I love me a facemask.

This one is truly lovely. The mask looks and feels like a clay mask initially, but having scanned the ingredients and the website turns out it’s not! The ingredients of fruit extracts, vitamin e and green tea extract work to exfoliate the skin whilst also moisturizing. I have used this mask almost once a week and it always gives my tired skin a much-needed boost!

It recommends on the packaging to couple the facemask with a relaxing bath and candles, and I took this advice very seriously. At night after a long day of procrastinating I put on the facemask, pour a bath and relax. We don’t have any candles, which is very upsetting but the mask never disappoints.

If you’re keen to feel grown up and rejuvenated grab yours here:


I am so happy with my first try of Milk & Co. products and very keen to try more! What products have you tried? Any recommendations?


– N x

Spring Must Haves

N’s Spring Must Haves

Frank Body ScrubFrank

Winter can be beautiful, but it can also be a really unpleasant jerk. This is especially true in the skin department; drying up the beautiful skin we worked so hard to maintain over the sunny summer months. Not cool winter, not cool.

Frank body scrubs can help you combat the annoying dry patches that come with the cooler weather, nourishing your skin ready to bare to the world in the springtime! The ingredients work together to stimulate blood flow, exfoliate and moisturise the skin.

Grab yours here:


Le Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+

La Roche Posay

Our mum has been telling me to apply suncream whenever I’m going into the sun (i.e. everyday) since before I can remember. Younger me nodded and then promptly ignored her advice in the hope of getting an ever-illusive tan on my oh-so-pasty skin. As a result of this I have slight signs on sun damage. Silly girl. Always listen to your mum, people!


Finding a sun product that works for you is a tough process, but this one is wonderful! Its fluid consistency keeps it light – none of that cakey feeling you get with some suncreams. You can use it on its own after moisturizing, or mix it in with your foundation for a little extra sun-safety in your springtime beauty regime.


Aussie gals can grab theirs at Priceline:


Benefit Fake Up Concealer

Fake Up

I kind of stumbled across this concealer by mistake, and I adore it! It’s moisturizing formula of vitamin e and apple seed extract helps to conceal all those dark patched and imperfections whilst also moisturizing. I find most concealers quite dry, so Fake Up is a great change of pace! It’s particularly great for those delicate under-eye areas that you want to keep crease-free all day long.

Pick yours up here:


Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil 2

Rosehip oil is the hidden secret of many a beauty blogger, and I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon. Earlier this year my skin just kind of…gave up. Normally pretty issue-free skin suddenly had all the issues. Dry patches, oily patches, breakouts, black heads – all at once! It was at this point, out of sheer desperation, that I decided to give facial oils and oil cleansing a go.

Whilst I do still cleanse using oil occasionally, it was the use of rosehip oil in my skincare routine that changed my world. It helps to fight signs of aging, repair skin damage and regenerate skin cells. I had a small scar from a breakout ages ago that I thought I was stuck with, but since using rosehip oil it has disappeared!

I use it in the morning and at night. For day time I just mix 1-2 drops in with my moisturizer, at night I gently press 2-4 drops all over my face before applying my night cream.

I just want to add that one of my friends did not like rosehip oil at all for her skin, so just be aware facial oils may not be for you.

There are a tonne of brands out there, my favourites are from Trilogy (antioxidant+) and Sukin. Both available at priceline:

M’s Spring Must Haves

M.A.C Face and Body Foundation

Face and Body

If you’re looking for a super light coverage foundation to even out your skin tone then M.A.C Face and Body is for you! It’s a water-based foundation, which means that it blends seamlessly with your skin and is almost undetectable – exactly what you want for spring! It’s also very buildable which means that you can apply more to any troublesome areas without looking like a cake.

Get M.A.C Face and Body… You need it in your life! (M uses the colour C2 and N uses C1).


NARS Light Optimizing Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I have super dry, tired looking skin and this is the only primer that I’ve used that makes me look like I’ve actually had a full night’s sleep. It makes my foundation stay on for about 1000x longer and perfectly smooths out any dry patches around my nose and chin. When I’m having a good skin day I wear it on its own and it blurs out any rough patches and gives me a subtle glow whilst also providing sun protection.

Pick this baby up here:


Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


Because my skin is so dry most of my breakouts are from clogged pores or that time of the month. This is a creamy mask that I use twice a week after my shower at night. It sinks into my skin after about 20-30 minutes and makes your face feel like an overly hydrated babies bottom. I can actually see the reduction of redness and pimples when I wake up the next morning and feel a huge difference in the texture of my skin. This is a must for anyone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up in the hydration department. Highly-highly recommended!

Grab yours here:


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser


This is the cleanser I have been searching for my whole life! It feels like your washing your face with a pillow and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and clean! I am In Love with this cleanser and could not go a day without it! It’s great for dry skin types (perfect for after those dry Winter months) but N uses it on her combination skin type too (oily in spots and dry in others) and it doesn’t break her out. After using cleansers for a while I usually hit a plateau and stop seeing any results but I am constantly seeing amazing results with the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser even after using it for a couple of months! It’s also 200mL so it will last you ages!

Pick it up from The Body Shop:


– M & N x

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