Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer Review


These products are by no means new. They’ve been around for years, but I am about to finish mine off (as you can see by their condition!) and I thought they deserved a short review. So here we go!


As the name of this range suggest, the foundation promises to help you to look instantly more awake. It boasts an “anti-fatigue effect” that helps you to attain a radiant glow.

Does it achieve this? I’m gonna go ahead and say “hells yes!”

This is one of my favourite drugstore foundations. Whenever I come back to it I mentally give myself a little slap on the wrist for ever having moved away from it in the first place! It creates a skin-like coverage whilst also covering any uneven skin tone. The finish is somewhere near ‘dewy’ but not quite there. I love that as it avoids you wandering into ‘oily’ territory during the day, which can so easily happen with dewy finish foundations.

I have worn it both as an everyday foundation with one layer or built it up for a night time look and it looks fantastic both ways. I wouldn’t say it’s a full coverage foundation, but that’s kind of how I like it. I prefer to build it to medium coverage and then use concealer if I need it.

It leaves your skin looking healthy with a radiant glow, protects it with spf15 and with the addition of a moisturising complex makes it perfect for us dry-skinned gals. I have found myself reaching for this foundation over my high-end alternatives such as MAC face & body or Chanel vitalumiere aqua!

So if you love full coverage matte foundations, this is definitely not for you. It may also be one that you want to steer clear of if you skin is rather oily. However, if you want radiant, glowing, youthful looking skin, get this in your shopping basket asap.

Retails for AU$16.69-19.95.



My love for the foundation doesn’t quite carry over to the concealer. I really like it, it is even probably my favourite drugstore concealer of the moment. However, unlike the foundation, I always find myself overlooking it in favour of my high end concealers.

The concealer promises to illuminate under the eyes as well as cover blemishes and it does both those things. The best thing about this concealer for me is the consistency; it is lightweight and moisturising, which makes it a perfect no-crease under-eye concealer. However that same consistency makes it less appropriate for covering any annoying blemishes as it tends to move around during the day, even when set with powder.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great product! If you’re in the market for a perfectly adequate concealer at drugstore prices then this is for you. But if you have a high end product that you already love, this is probably just not going to cut it.

Retails for $AU12.69-14.95


What other drugstore foundations and concealers do you adore? I am always keen to try out more! Let me know in the comments below.

Keep smiling, N x